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Since 2013, the media has been listing Nicaragua as the new go-to tourist destination. Again, in 2014, some of the top travel and business publications websites are again shouting out Nicaragua as one of the top travel destinations.

With a variety of landscapes made up of coastal shores, lakes, volcanoes, mountain, cloud forests and plenty of activities for the tourist, Nicaragua offers much to please all age groups and tastes. From backpackers to mature travelers, surfers, sun-seekers, history buffs, nature lovers and lovers of Latin American culture, find out why Nicaragua is again on the list of go-see travel destinations in 2014.


This article by Nicaragua Report links to several additional articles about Nicaragua and why it is a “hot” spot to go and visit. I noticed starting last year that several of the major publications in the USA began to take notice of Nicaragua, including CNN, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, etc. This trend is continuing in 2014. Click through to see the links to other articles on a bunch of additional websites.

It is great to see that Nicaragua is becoming a destination for the general traveling public in North America. Also, the more articles that are written in these major publications, the less likely that people will continue to have some of the misconceptions about the country that have prevailed in the past.

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Must be some truth to this.

Must be some truth to this. One of my co-workers went to Pochomil last week her family for a vacation. Unlike myself, she has no in-laws there (that's why I go...), so it was purely as a tourist.

She called emailed me about Nica before going. I was shocked someone was going there without some other underlying reason like family, solidarity activist, social worker, religious group, or green activist.

I gave her some advice about what foods to try....all my favorites like nachatamales, fritanga, yuca/pork, quesillos, eskimo, tona, and of course gallo-pinto!

It shouldnt be too much of a surprise

that a commercial web site (a real estate sales tool) disguised as a web site promoting all things Nicaragua....actually Promotes Nicaragua.

International Living set the bar.

Just sayin...

Road Scholar is repeating next year its tours

It's a perfect tour for my sisters and their husbands -- Colonial Cities and Coffee -- up to an overnight in Jinotega (probably staying at the Hotel Cafe), then down to visit a coffee finca (probably Selva Negra, two nights in Leon and two nights in Granada and back of Managua. Decent introduction to the two cities and the mountains for $1300 for transportation from the airport, tours, food, and accommodations. One sister was very firm about want her comforts and wanting to feel safe. That is pretty much what I would have arranged for those particular kin -- but now I don't have to hassle the logistics myself.

I think that some people do want a bit of handholding and if they have a pleasant experience with a guided tour, then they may return.

Rebecca Brown

for me i think that..

is a good way for some people to see the a olddd backpacer type..and know that not for everyone..i still stay in a lot of backpacker hotels when im out and about

Just Got Back

from Pochomil. and Granada.

Hard to overstate the quantity and quality of develpoment happening in Granada, Pochomil's Vista Mar was 100% Nica and full (except for Shelley, me and the rug rats).

Found a French Canadian place I'm going to try next time, Hotel Titilito . . .I like the name, beachfront,, but it's more than that . . . Had some small lobsters (3 for me, 4 for Shelley) for about $13 including the rest of the dinner. Very fresh and tasty. Rooms looked nice too, but French was defnitely the lingua franca (Lingua Franca,, heh,, heh.. get it?) We had a hard time communicating with Denise our French speaking waitress. Pochomil has a great beach, and the brightly colored boats in Masachapa selling the freshly caught fish right off the boats early in the morning is a tourist delight. A short walk down the beach is Somoza's old summer residence, and his boat dock

Granada, what can you say? Hit the Chili Cook off, packed, needed a much larger venue. Benefit for Puedo Leer. The restaurant service is amazing, so much so that I didn't mind the 10% propina added to my bill. Elegant establishments, much wood and glass, fountains, was I in Nicaragua, or mystically beamed to Costa Rica ?? New Ferry Terminal, a C$340 million project, and this one already funded, not some Chinese or Venezuelan bread and circus operation.

There is so much positive happening in Nicaragua in the last year or two . . . Not even Rebecca will be able to hold back the potential deluge of tourists wanting to sample a new country. Is Nicaragua up to it?? Maybe . . .I've seen some very positive changes, and as long time visitors to this site know: I'm not easy to please.

I'm for tourism that actually works

A lot of people all trying to run bed and breakfast place all in one place without guests doesn't work so well. If the places make money, that's different, though my preference would be for the tourism industry to be Nicaraguan owned.

I also think that having a boom in Nicaraguan tourism (the people at Selva Negra for lunch; what you saw at Pochomil is pretty much a good thing for people who are not simply international travel focused because they can't speak Spanish.

Rebecca Brown

My Parents

are both in their 70's and they came down this past September. They were in Matagalpa less than an hour and someone swiped my mom's cell phone. Luckily we were able to get it back in about 30 seconds. Apart from that the trip was pretty good. Although, my Father insisted on eating at the same restaurant ever day. He was not about to get diarrhea. He told me, I am 73 years old, if I get diarrhea I will die. ha-ha. Well, he didn't get diarrhea until he arrived home.

1st Capt. Ron

(Title by Miskito Alan)