Flea Time In Nicaragua

Flea Time In Nicaragua

Not happy, but tolerated the baths with flea shampoo well.

Yari and Shelley doing the honors; I don't have the touch. One cat and three kittens, and only one half-hearted bite. These guys know who butters their bread.

Fleas showed up all of a sudden, probably brought over by that rangy yellow tomcat next door who sneaks over every night to load up on my cats' chow.

There is a skunk trap and a distant relocation in his future . . .I hope he has family in Dplito .

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U can buy fronline for cats at most vet shops!! Fleas should be dead in a day or 2 and provide 3-4 weeks protection with every application

We Tried Frontline

first, and I had used it earlier with the momma cat successfully. Perhaps we didn't give it enough time to work.

They were really infested. . . They seem so much happier today.

Good to know that we can get the Frontline here, I'll re-apply it as soon as I find some. Thanks for the information. The bath probably washed out the original application. Part of the problem too, is the mother cleans off anything she finds suspicious on the kittens.

Now, we just have to methodically fumigate everything they were on, couches, etc.

Luckily, we don't allow them on the bed!


There is also revolution https://www.revolution4cats.com/default.aspx?sec=Product%20Overview here. It works on Fleas---but not ticks! Where as Frontline + works on fleas and ticks.

With frontline--the animal must stay dry at least 24 hrs after application for it to be effective. With our dogs, we apply it every 3 weeks. Just make sure u buy the one for cats!!!

Another prooduct

is used to fumigate the house. I wish I could remember the name. You just pour a little into a litter of water and let it work. I usually used this mixture to mop the floor. I don't know if that is the way it should be used, but it seems to work well. I had a tick infestation a few years ago. The vet also told me I could used this to bathe the animals, but I never have tried that.

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spray frequently with cipermitrina (1cc per litro for everything and 5 cc per litro for exterior walls) for zancudos and noticed flea and ant populations crashed as well. I pay particulat attention to spraying were the dogs sleep and lounge outside the house and around the doors and laundry area.

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use that too..seems to work good