Corinto weather

Hi, I know its hot there but am wondering if anyone could tell me when the coolest time of the year is for specifically Corinto? When I try to look it up it only gives me weather in Managua. Thank you for any help you can afford. Zia

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Pretty much the same all over

The Northamerican winter from about mid-December to mid-february or a prolonged rainy spell in the wet season. But you cannot count on it on a daily basis. I went to Leon last year in January to beat the heat and the days I was there it was very hot. When I went to Corinto, it was misearable on the streets that did not have an oceen breeze but ok on the other streets.

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Same as other places in Nicaragua

The coolest weather is typically December-January and the hottest in April-May. While I have no data to back this up, it always seemed cooler to me than SJdS.