Anything New Actually

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I doubt it

In the last week or two I saw a bunch of their press releases -- looking very much like ones from 1, 2, ... years ago. Sounds like it is just their "season" to send out more stuff.

And can you get to the place!

I am in Pochimil as I write....I am like 500 meters from the end of the "only one" (In LA we call the the coast highway "The One", in Mashachopa/Pochomil It's the ONLY ONE) So another 30 minutes to your dream come true, and that is 5 miles.

The Gophers

I read this joke of an article and laughed...

"Located on a dramatic natural slope that rises 60 feet vertically and 600 feet horizontally from the beach, the property will afford owners and guests' breathtaking views of both the ocean and surrounding countryside".

WTF....Its only 60 feet!!!! You will see the place in front of you and that's about it.,-86.448934&hl=en&ll=11.72763,-8...

900 acres of the most boring land in Nicaragua.