Formalized Street Address

San Jose, Costa Rica now has uniform, easy to read and spot street and avenida signs. About ten feet high, on the corners of every block.

They really help . . makes navigating the city easier and encourages walking. The city already had a great system of alternating north south, east west streets, avenidas, that made your location easy to determine, if you knew which avenida, street you were on.

Of course, ANY signs in Nicaragua would be a big help . . . How about a few less Ortega billboards and put the money into directional signage ??

What's the point of the billboards?, everyone knows he will be here forever, ".. haciendo mi patria"

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They would be stolen.

Unless you made them from something that nobody wants, like, err, nothing that springs to mind right now.

Besides, they would have to take their eyes off their texting to look at the signs.


You could paint them on the curbs and paint house numbers on the houses.