Zipline at Mombacho Volcano near Granada

Zipline at Mombacho Volcano near Granada

Zip-line through the forest canopy at Volcano Mombacho near Granada. This is me on the last leg of the zip-line doing the typical tourist poses for the camera. The entire tour took about 1+ flying through the trees. For the plant enthusiast the trees had signs indicating their species, and for the daredevils, like my girls primos/primas, you could go on the zip-line upside down or superman style. That wasn't for me, as I wanted to enjoy the view.

The guides suited everyone up and made sure everything was safe before we ventured into the trees. At the start they gave us a safety orientation in how to zip-line... Spanish for the relatives and English for me. When we were not on the zip-line itself, we were tied off onto a safety line.

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I believe there are 2 in the sane area. We went to the first one on the road, and I believe there s a 2nd one just a bit further up. Last time we went Residents fee was $15,non residents $23 USD Email: 8872-2555, 8658-4874, 8471-5516

Yes Zip lining here is great!! And what makes it even better is the low price, BUT they don't cheap out on the safety!! We did a Zip line up in Alaska when we did a cruise, it wasn't cheap and not near as fun!! Back in Feb 13 we did a Zip in Belize and, man was it pitiful!! Great zip lines here!!

And even 1 right here in Managua, close to Price Smart!!

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