This is the other Mary of Las Penitas, which is located in the courtyard of the family beach house.

Got this statue of a nice Jewish lady from a statuary shop in Leon several years ago. I told them through the wife, I just wanted a simple concrete lawn statue, instead got a cathedral quality sculpture.

Previously, I had offered to just donate her to the Poneloya church were my oldest daughter was baptized, if I could not put her on display. It's only been recently that I have been allowed put it outside as the in-laws do not want Mary to be in the sun unprotected. So she hides inside the house and only comes out when I'm there to set her up. Eventually there will be a concrete shroud over her... Mary in a half-shell as we would say in New England.

Having our own Mary at the house is a major benefit, as it also serves as an alter of sorts for the family faithful for the nightly prayers and recitations.

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Do You Remember

roughly in Leon where you got her?

I have the "shrine housing" but no statue . . . and was planning on heading over that way next week, or week after.

My shrine looks odd and empty without some object of devotion.

Flowers are pretty, and a grass lawn: Wow!

I think I like the concertina best of all :)

Just wondering

How common are these shrines?

probably not nearly as

probably not nearly as common as in eastern ontario and western Quebec Sue lol. Seems like the minute you hit Embrun every second house has them. My faves are the ones that use an upside down bath tub half buried for the shrine.


I never saw them there - Must be a comment on my friends! LOL

I have not seen any outside

I have not seen any outside like this one, but I have only visited my in-laws houses. Everyone has a wall around their house, so if others had one they would not be immediately visible from the road.

Most of my in-laws have some sort of religious icons inside their house, but not really outside.

Got it awhile ago and do not

Got it awhile ago and do not know Leon well enough to give directions. The artisans is my BILs friend.. I'll have to ask my wife to ask her sister to ask her husband to let me know, so that'll take a bit.

This is not an in-stock item. It took 1.5 months to make after the order but worth it.


May I ask how much?

If I put this out on my lawn it would be stolen in less than 24 hours. Maybe I should have it made out of metal, attached to a fence zapper and in the line of sight of a security camera. Lots and lots of youtube hits!

5,000 cordobas. A lot more

5,000 cordobas. A lot more than I wanted to pay but there were not the variety of vendors that you see along the roadsides now days back in 2010 selling cast stone sculptures, especially of Mary. The Mary in my front yard in New England only cost me $30 and $20 for paint.

However, this is more of a higher quality than a simple lawn ornament casting, Mary is inside the wall of the family beach house. She only comes out for family visits.