Private Transfer Service from MGA to Jinotega or Matagalpa.

I have been living here in Nicaragua since 2005! My husband and I are starting a new business... private transport (in a 4x4 truck) from/to MGA to/from Matagalpa and Jinotega area. Please check out our website for more details. We are responsible, safe and dependable and look forward to serving the members of NicaLiving and/or friends and family that may be coming to visit! Thank you for your support!

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Photo of said transport?

You have gone to the trouble of showing us what your perceived competition looks like but I would want to at least see what the truck looks like.

Your competition is more accurately the other vans, trucks, cars etc. not the chicken bus, so I wonder how you feel you stack up against them?, a more apples to apples comparison. I think most people thinking of using your service and paying $100 would not be thinking of taking a school bus as an option.

Also, do you have a back up vehicle or a breakdown plan?.

I got caught paying $125 for luxury safe transport and getting a Rivas cab on a sub contract show up at 9pm when there is nobody around and the plane is on its way!

Most times I have dealt with tourists trying to decide on transport to get to Managua I have sold security/safety over price and steer them towards a private service such as yours. I simply suggest that the last thing they want on the way to the airport is to have the whole trip spoiled for the sake of few bucks.

Thank you for your feedback!

You are absolutely correct! Thank you for your feedback!

1) We have plans to post a picture of our main vehicle tomorrow! Thank you for reminding me of the importance of doing so! I am thinking of posting it- rotating with the bus picture.

2) Yes we do have a back-up vehicle in just case. Of course the back up vehicle will not be following us- if there was any "car problems/flat tires, etc..." this could always be a problem. Currently when we are making trips ESPECIALLY to the airport we recommend leaving with an extra hour for exactly this reason. If it normally takes 2 hours or 2 1/2 hours... then it is best to leave 3 1/2 hours early.... We , prefer to arrive to the airport with time to spare, then arrive "fast and furious"... not to mention if there is some sort of mechanical problem and other arrangements must be made.

I appreciate your comment and the experience you have had. Of course we are new (not new to driving to the airport, nor Nicaragua)... so we appreciate anything constructive! Feel free to email us with any other concerns, questions or suggestions you may have! We really do appreciate it!

Thanks again!

Maybe add these pics

This happened this morning. Coach full of cruise ship folk had some excitement!


So glad no one got hurt! Hard to believe... I have had some exciting bus stories in my life... but this is definitely something I haven't seen happen before! Thanks for sharing! WHEW!!!! And taxis can fit quite a few (as a back-up) but how many taxis for 48 people?! That certainly will not give them a good impression of Nica... of course the driver got them out on time- that is something to be grateful for.

By the way, we now have the main vehicle we are using for Travel Jinotega up on our website! Visit> Bus v. US tab to see.. Thanks again for your input! Look forward to receiving more :).

SS bus.

Not really a comment on your effort to make biz in Nicaragua, but kind of a joke directed at Juanno and the tourist nightmare.

Sometime in in early 1940this, Jesus Christ, long time ago. A bus with German soldiers running without brakes crashes into the harbor of Bergen Norway the ocean and many died.

A little boy was standing on the dock crying and people was trying to understand what he was saying, he said " only 22 died but it had 18 empty seats"

Well it was the WW2 so I hope you understand.