Pan from Bimbo's is the best!

Bimbo delivery truck in the MIL's neighborhood, Las Brisas, taking bread to the local store, which is the neighbors house. I sit on the patio and watch all kinds of trucks drop off groceries there. They also sell Picos from Leon, which do not last around the kitchen table.

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as I remember it, bimbo is one of the biggest corporations in Mexico, big enough to buy Sara Lee Pastries for a zillion bucks. there´s money in bad food.

Reposteria Gutierrez is on the right as you go from del Hogar towards downtown on the main drag. They have a sitdown areas for drinks and snacks. My relatives will eat their pan integral because it is soft enough. They also have a´few oatmeal or multigrain pastries.

I prefer the pan integral from La Casita, definately has a higher specific gravity or whatever.

``Socialism works fine until you run out of other peoples` money``

Margaret Thatcher

Bimbo, yes Bimbo air.

My opinion.

Bimbo is not bread, it is a quasi mix if yeast and unknown particles sold as bread. The nutritional value is like zero, bread - like in the word real bread is a mix of different seeds that makes it heavy, a good loaf of bread should be 0.8 kg to pass the " bread inspector " the closest I have found is pan integral from a German maker in Managua, even he is cutting corners, I guess it's difficult to find all the stuff here.

A good slice or two of bread in the morning should make you go to lunch time, on Bimbo you cant make it.

Besides the bread I have met a lot of Bimbos and even married a couple, learning from mistakes is not for me it seems........

I Don't Think Much

of Bimbo either, but what choice do you have? Beyond baking your own?

The bread is pricey too, buy a bread machine and do your own for a lot less . . .

It DOES toast well.

You should have lots of local options

Get your people to put the word out.

Or mix up a batch of dough and have them run it over to the nearest dome oven.

They will all devour it and then all you have to do is work out how to afford to keep doing it!!

No shortage of real bread in Estelí

Panaduria Gutierrez has an assortment including whole wheat regular loaves and almond bread mini-loaves. Panaduria Estanzuela usually has some decent options. There are also lots of small bakeries that you only find by asking locals.

One of the real pluses of Estelí is that the public market tends to have a great assortment of fruit and veggies at typically reasonable prices (certainly cheaper than Managua) and there are quite a few bakeries. Besides food it also is a great place for lots of hardware stores and lots of auto parts stores -- all of which tend to have different stock.

Where Is Panaderia

Gutierrez? I'll check it out.

Esteli market does have competitive prices and good produce .

I remember buying avocados there a few years back,, young girl in an over sized T-shirt bent over her table in anticipation of my choice . .

I said,, "I'll take those two" and she picked up the two her hands were over.

"They're four for a dollar . . ."


Now I wonder if she does that routinely . . . . Cynicism is a terrible thing to live with


It's a block north (I am pretty sure) of the Parque Infantil on the right. They have a lot of sweet stuff mostly but also have some whole wheat bread and other semi-nutritious stuff.

Estanzuela is across the street from Roger Mangus and a door ot two south. (Just south of Hotel Estelí.)

I found a little in-home place that baked a lot of whole wheat bread but lost track of it. It was more or less two blocks east and two blocks south of the Parque Infantil.

Sometimes the local supers (Del Hogar and Las Segovias) have locally baked things including bread. If you don't see what you are looking for, ask Hugo (owner of Del Hogar) as he seems very well-connected and lives pretty much in the center of Estelí.

Ladies sell bread rolls door to door out of the barril (bucket)

Not always better than pan simple but baked fresh in a dome ovens.

Sometimes it is unbleached flour or even wholewheat.

Don Pan next to the Bavarian Deli Carretera Masaya is also good.

Don Marcos bakery chain sometimes has a better selection and a dark rye substitute that Uncle Franz would throw away but it passes with enough sliced onion on it.

I once made the mistake

of telling a lady who works for bimbo and wearing a bimbo shirt, exactly what bimbo means. She was not happy with me.

1st Capt. Ron

(Title by Miskito Alan)

Familiar problem

We have a cousin named Fanny. I asked her if she knew what fanny meant in English. She said, yes, divertido.

I explained that was "funny" and fanny meant trasero. She didn't believe me. I took out the unabridged English-Spanish/Spanish-English dictionary. A minute later she said "I am going to kill my mother".