Overnight hotel in MGA for redeye arrival

Hello All:

I wonder if anyone can recommend a secure but reasonably priced hotel for a quick overnight stay not far from the airport. I am taking the Spirit red-eye for the first time, arriving at an ungodly hour. I'll take a shuttle south in the morning. Main thing is reliable pickup at the airport in the wee hours, and a secure place to sleep. I have stayed at Las Mercedes and Camino Real many times, but prefer not to spend the money to support the pool and grounds.

Webtrainer- I looked at your place first, but I am thinking that a half hour from the airport at that hour is not ideal.

I didn't see anything in the forum queue in the last year. Hotel Aloha and Villa Angelo look OK in the $50 range, though not so close to airport and not sure on airport pickup.


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Great information in this thread!

My 2 cords, if you can stand to take a taxi for a distance:

La Pyramide - Fantastic hotel. Things were made for a smaller person than I am (at 6'2", most of Nicaragua is made for people smaller than I am), but the A/C worked, had hot showers, they provided refreshments and a made-to-order breakfast, had a wonderful view, an outdoor balcony in our room, and an interesting theme. I didn't meet the owners, but reviews on TripAdvisor say they're great for making suggestions about visiting Managua. - $90/night for the high-end suite when I stayed.

Hotel Europeo - Mixed. I've stayed twice. The first time was wonderful; we paid a highly discounted $35 rate that they seem to offer regularly and were upgraded for free (per our polite request on check-in, mind you) to a room on the second floor with a balcony overlooking the beautiful pool and dining area. The second time they were nearly sold out so our $35 room was next to the restaurant, with no private outdoor space. The bathroom was full of mosquitos, probably because the window was left open and they don't have screens. :/ Breakfast is supposedly included here, but it was never offered and I never asked.

I'm looking forward to trying out Don Quijote now! The reason I'd avoided them in the past were the reviews on TripAdvisor mentioning that the price wasn't what was expected. Has anyone here had a problem with that? And just to be sure, they have hot showers, right? I'll risk life and limb to avoid a cold shower!

confirm the price via email

For Quijote or anywhere, get the reservation confirmed via email. If you are just rolling in to town, you can discuss when you check in, but you are getting in, in the middle of the night, you need to know for sure.

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Spirit Airlines

It's not really worth the hassle, flying on Spirit airlines considering the extra expense of lodging, the horrible schedules, lack of legroom etc. You get what you pay for... Fly Delta!

NL at work!

Thanks to all for the very useful information. I am contacting Don Quijote to tilt at some windmills. I believe that this is how our little community is supposed to work. Webtrainer, hope to meet you and stay at your place on some future occasion. Much appreciated! Saludes- John

I don't travel often

But when I have to I always stay at Las Mercedes, it is unbeatable in quality and the short 2 minutes walk to the check in. I usually go and check in at the airport and return to the hotel and enjoying myself why everybody else getting bored to death at the airport.

I personally have never paid over $ 78 for a night, but again I have a old corporate account from when I was insane.

clean safe place to stay in Managua near the airport

I also have stayed at the Don Quijote..several times.. Nice and clean , quiet and did I say safe. I emailed them with arrival times and there was a car waiting for me. About $55 a night with a good breakfast in the morning...English is spoken by some of the staff.. I will stay there the next time i am in town...A few colorful places to eat with in walking distance

Another business opportunity

It continues to surprise me that this problem never seems to get addressed. It seems like a great business opportunity for someone.

For business travelers and people who have some interest in being in Managua, Las Mercedes is a decent option. But, there are lots of people who see Managua as the place with the airport and they just want a safe place to sleep and maybe a quick breakfast before heading for their real destination.

When I am in Managua I usually stay at Villa Angelo which works well if I am dealing with the government as it is in Bolonia. But, it makes little sense if the previous or next step of your journey is related to the airport. Via Anjelo is $28 now which gets you an air conditioner a fair-sized room and breakfast. There is a lot of room between that price and the ~$100 for las mercedes.

I recently updated a blog post on this subject...

Greetings jmac:


If its important for you to be near the airport, you might look in the general area of Bello Horizonte. See the post for details.

I have picked up guests from the Spirit Air flight a few times and must admit it isn't my favorite time to go to the airport, but nevertheless it is do-able.. My farmstay place is on the south side of town where you can grab the bus for Granada, SJdS, etc.

Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde

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Hotel Don Quijote

It has been a year or so since i have stayed there, but this place is about 5 minutes or so from the airport in Bello Horizonte, they will come get you: http://www.hotel-donquijote.com/en/habitaciones.html

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thanx for the tip

we will give it a try next trip. for years we enjoyed the comfort of Las Mercedes and it is definately the convenience king. But we got tired of having to call the front desk and wait 20 minutes everytime we wanted a hot shower and having to eat lunch and dinner elsewhere because of the stale food . I can`t believe Best Western has not dumped them to protect their reputation..

If I really wanted a $100 room I would go just down the street to Pharoahs Casino. We tried their restaurant once while staying at Las Mercedes and it was great.

There is suppossed to be a new mall going in by the airport. Maybe they will include a better hotel.

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