Bitcoin and Nicaragua

People have been buying beers, sandwiches and lots more with bitcoin. Bitcoin has no geographic boundaries and every day you hear of some new place that accepts bitcoin. Well, it seems to finally made it to Nicaragua.

While there have probably been other Nicaragua-based bitcoin transactions, this is the first one I have seen in the news. It was reported in

This year [Gregory Simon] moved to Nicaragua and bought a 0.3-acre plot of land with bitcoin.

Just minutes from the beach in an area of San Juan del Sur called Paradise Bay, he’s hoping to build a home there with his girlfriend.

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... land purchased in Sn Juan del Sur with bitcoin? - was he one of Jason Puracal's clients, perchance?

They say BitCoin is like gold, a largely fixed commodity worth roughly a quarter its weight in pure cocaine, that is, coca is still outstripping gold and controlling those 'black' market prices. That dope means a lot to a large variety of global clientele, denomination unimportant.

Back when I earned minimum wage I liked to hold those greenbacks, to feel something real, even if only paper-cloth script, and only temporarily. Now most of my purchases are on credit, and who knows how many times that 'money' gets spent before I pay the bill. All is virtual, it seems today, except what I consume. Even this 'conversation', except for NSA's metadata records of the same, which no human cares to view, they tell us.

What is new about this year? Our system of counting? How many bytes in a bit?