Discovery Channel TV: Dual Survival (Ometepe Nicaragua)

“Dual Survival” is a reality TV show on Discovery Channel (sometimes listed as “Survivorman“). It features competing outdoor survival skills theories (naturalist vs. military model, mostly) in pretty extreme environments - extreme, given that it is reality tv. Some shows are re-enactments of lost explorers, etc., others are just a “can you get out” sort of test, exposing the pressing need to find water, food, and shelter. While there is almost always some great footage of the locale (aerial and otherwise), it is primarily about surviving off whatever you find, etc, and getting out without getting injured or lost. It is played up a good bit, as is all reality TV, but does impart some practical knowledge in most episodes. The February 5 2013 episode, “Twin Peaks”, takes place on Ometepe (“twin“ being the volcanoes, Concepcion and Maderas). Here, the naturalist takes the place of a lost injured hiker there years ago, so the way off the top is hampered by his simulated injury (knee dislocation). You wont see much, if anything, of everyday Ometepe life, that is for sure, but it may be of interest to those who have seen little of the island. We particularly enjoyed the island and it was one of our best trips in Nicaragua. There is a 2.5-minute video clip on the Discovery Channel website: Dual Survivor Ometepe Video Clip and if you are curious where else they have filmed, the full list is on the Wikipedia entry for the show: Dual Survivor Episode Chronology. For a completely different kind of “get out” show, see the Nat Geo TV - Locked Up Abroad episode on Nicaragua