Windows 98

Read somewhere online that Microsoft is stopping support for 98 despite the fact that 30% of its customers still use it. A heads up to anyone nursing old machines. I'm no computer tech, but it seems one would should have a plan B.

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I dont want to sound critical but,

Windows 98 will not be a big loss. It was never secure and it had a couple of quarks Microsoft never did fix correctly. I can understand not wanting to deal with the current release of windows 8. It seems to me Microsoft never gets a good reliable OS until about a year before they release a new version. Even though it may not be supported soon, Windows XP (patched) is a good platform to use If you don't want to buy the latest. Windows 7 is also OK. I have had no problems with it on my laptop, but to be forthcoming, I have not used it as intensely as I would have if I were still in the states. I cannot tell you about windows 8 as I have not used it, but I am sure many reviews are on the web. Just be sure to say away from Windows Millennium. Windows 2000, and Vista.

I have a fully documented copy of Windows 95 if you need it :-)

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I have to admit that I have

I have to admit that I have been running Windows 8.1 for about six weeks now and am actually liking it. Took a lot of getting used to, and since my new machine is touch screen, it is perfect for it.


I have it on a laptop that uses 8.1, but doesn't have a touchscreen---I Just use it time to time for school when away from the house, but not a big fan! What I did do to make it more to my liking--was to make it more like Windows 7, but using a program called not exactly the same as Windows 7--put pretty darn close.

I have....

a copy of Windows 3.11© on a 386 box back in the states

I liked Windows 2000© and my Windows NT© server was a rock,

Windows 95©, Windows 98©, Windows Millennium© (ME) were unstable at any speed

We have Windows XP© on one of the laptops, not much for trouble

I want to try Tiny XP, a striped down version of XP, not an official Microsoft© product

Windows Vista© blows chunks.... I refuse to go further

Linux is looking pretty good

-Doug ©

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And I recommend

Substitute Windows XP

for Windows 98.

Microsoft will stop supporting XP this April

"On April 8, 2014, support and updates for Windows XP will no longer be available." From: