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down you will find the most corrupt border at Amatillo in Honduras.

The other borders are honest; most officials I have found to be helpful and friendly. I wish everyone could see the new Mexico, it's not hard to imagine a Euro style zone running from the Guatemalan border to the Canadian North

Interestingly, the Honduran border at El Espino is just the opposite. Not everyone in Amotillo is that way: A Honduran aguana agent re-opened her building a few minutes after 5 PM on Noche Buena to re-do my customs declaration for me. I was dis-satisfied with the original, and anticipated possible difficulty with the "honest" Hondurans at El Espino. She was annoyed, but gracious at the same time. .

Crime makes progress impossible. The attached article (which is really the point of the post) paints the young man who shot the police officer twice in the back of the head in a sympathetic light. Had the police beat him to death instead of let him live, he would have been forgotten. Little if spoken of the loss by the policeman's family, of their prospects for the future. The murderer will probably have a short, and miserable life in prison; not exactly justice, but as close as the murdered policeman and his family is going to get.

We are spared most of this violence in Nicaragua, and certainly, this is not typical of Honduras either.

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Amatillo almost always stung me

Only when I got there after 5PM did it ever go smoothly, and even then entering Honduras with vehicle is costly. see http://expeditionportal.com/central-america/317-amatillo-honduras-how-to... titled, "Amatillo, Honduras : How to cross the craziest border in Central America", but even they dropped one of the "How to's"

Coming from the North there are few options. Copan Ruins is by far the smoothest crossing, but you have to leave the Pan-Am and risk passing thru Guatemala City - a clear risk. And then there are no express roads anywhere thru that neck of the isthmus. Going by San Pedro Sula sucks major.

I had a favorite little hotel past Amatillo in Nacaome, a new, clean, very reasonable place, looks like a build-it-and-they-will-come sort of spot where nobody ever came. That stretch of Honduras ain't much, but I always enjoyed San Lorenzo for abundant cheap shrimp & beer. The island Amapala, Tiger Island (?), is quite nice to visit too, on the two Lemp bill as I recall.

Honduras is pretty well divided & fucked up over its presidential politics, so I'd cut the national bureaucrats some major slack these days. It's a wonder the country functions at all, other than as an earthen barrier in mid Central America. That you got thru at all is a credit to their belief that there's more to life than what they do. Be thankful. Happy 2014.

The Link

Sounds like the cop's kid has a positive attitude.

Hopefully he will grow up to make Honduras a better place.

Meanwhile. it seems like a pretty bad place. http://lagringasblogicito.blogspot.com/ dec 26 post

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