Getting eyeglasses made here

I started a thread like this about four years ago but imagine times have changed since then.

I need new glasses and could use advice about where to get them.

I have a progressive (trifocal) prescription. The only things I care about are that the lenses match my prescription exactly, that they be thin and light, and the frames don't make me look uglier than people already have to put up with. I don't mind paying more money to make sure I'm getting high-quality lenses. As for frames, they seem cheap enough in Nicaragua.

There is an opthamologist here in Jinotepe who has a decent reputation who works in an eyeglass lab in Managua, so that may be my best bet.

Can anyone recommend opthamologists or opticians in either Granada or Managua? People in town complain about the quality of glasses made in Munkel and Matamoros and both have a bad rep locally for honouring their warranties.

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From a friend's research

I had a friend visiting a couple of years ago in Estelí who needed new glasses. What is was told was that all progressive lenses were made in a lab in Managua. (Single and bi-focal were made locally.) So, it seems that finding someone you are comfortable working with and who seems to know what he is doing in the exam is the important part.


Yes, I think that's excellent advice.