Lawyer recommendation in Leon?

Can anyone recommend a lawyer in Leon, for advice on property / family business. Ideally speaking some English.

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Paul or local?

Lots of people here have used Paul and, in general, are very pleased. He does speak English and I completely trust him which is something pretty atypical for a lawyer anywhere.

I just want to toss in one issue. If you are doing something locally, he may not be the right choice. Not necessarily his fault but, for example, the government corruption in Estelí includes lawyers in their club. An out of town lawyer will not get a fare shake.

Things like registering an SA can be done anywhere in the country no matter where you plan to run it (and Paul knows you don't want to do that in Estelí now). General property discussions are fine but, once again, you may be better off to have a local lawyer when going to the registry, for example.

I have used seven lawyers in Nicaragua (including Paul many times). I would use six of those seven over again -- but for different types of work. That includes one I generally call creative but most call a crook. Just depends on what you need done.


Nicaragua is a small country. I have dealt with Paul Tiffer in Managua and will recommend him. He is a member of NicaLiving. I plan to use his services in June for my cedula and for an SA.

Charles Slane


I'm sure if you do a search here on this site for Paul Tiffer, you will find a fair # of positive posts! I have never used him, just recall a lot of posts regarding him

thanks for recommendation

Thanks to both of you for this recommendation, I'd seen Paul referenced in the site and have emailed him so hopefully that will work out. All the best