no 1 got hurt but had a fender bender with a

was heading in to plaza the lower entrance..there are always a bunch of buses there..going around the enter..the bus took off..and caught be in the rear fender..behind the insurence company seguros america[bac] said it was his fault..will see..have a hearing on dec 26 8am..will take my wife with me..she is a lawyer..but i will do the talking..being a know all gringo..i think i know more than her..will let u all the legal system works for gringos..ohh..had my cell phone with a camara in it..and took a lot of pics..always take pics..if u are in a accident..and always have a phone with a cmara

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how it works

how the system worked today..they told us to be there at 8am..they gave out chits[numbers] at 8;30..said the office opens at 9am..we were #14..enjoyable wait in line..when we got into the police office..there about 2 minutes..and it was at fault..wife said fight get to go back a couple of more times

Sounds Like An

adventure . . .

Some people get to have all the fun . .

police today..

well..they said it was my fault..the other party wasnt there..just some papers another cop did..we didnt speak to now we have 20 days to say we are fighting the decision..sort of glad my wife was there..sorry to say she did know more than me ..i think this will take a month or 2 to get wife sort of explained to me..the bus should of gotten a ticket..for being parked where he was..but since it was a bus..and since he hit the back fender behind the wheel..its my fault..i hope someone understands this..i dont

Generally Any Time

you get hit from behind the burden of proof is on the driver behind to explain why it couldn't be his fault. Perhaps you slammed on your brakes in the fast lane in the freeway . . . But, in California the driver behind is almost always at fault. You're supposed to be watching the car in front of you with sufficient attention to avoid hitting it. Let us know what happens . . . .

This could be just an effort on the part of the local cop to cover the bus driver's butt. .. and the gringo has insurance. Interesting to see how it all plays out.

Part of the journey. . .


Glad to know you are not hurt.

Do you have the basic package from Seguros America or full-cover? I pay $400 more per year for full-cover .... no mandatory 48-hour jail time if someone is injured, the car is not confiscated, and if the family of the victim wants to extort money, they take on the insurance company and I am left out of it.

Having a lawyer as a spouse ... Boy you were asking for trouble when you got married, weren't you.

Really good point about having a cell-phone camera. I have a crappy used camera I wouldn't miss if it got stolen, it would probably be a good idea to keep it in my glove compartment.

Please keep us posted.

on coverage..i got a little better than..

minimum..i got some coverage on my truck..and a little extra for the other party..and a lawyer for a a dummy..i sent her to law school..i'll let u all know whats should be interesting to us guys that drive


"and a lawyer for a a dummy"

Don't beat yourself up Andy. I paid for mine to go through school to get a PH.D in Marketing Geography (WTF is Marketing Geography?)

Of course within one year of having paid for the PH.D she dumped me.

Smart girl.