2 days ago, (19DEC13), the police swept through the neighborhood picking up all of the drunks and thieves. They didn't get them all, as the word spread quickly and people hid in doors, but the police knew exactly who to take and who not to take.

I was told this was done to keep crime and drunkenness down during the holiday season. Further, I was told they would be shipped off to La Dalia for a month to go through some type of boot camp to dry out.

I am not sure how I feel about this. Sure, it will be nice to have a few less thieves and drunks around, but to do it with out due process surprises me. My neighbor was one of the fellows taken and yes my neighbor enjoys his rock-gut caballo rum. Still, he was forced to go. He couldn't say good-bye to his family or even let his wife know what was happening.

I will think twice before drinking a beer on my porch in the future.

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They won't be noiced..

here. That's how I wound up here, got drunk , woke up in La Dalia.

They haven't shipped me off yet.

There is a re-hab center out side of town. Didn't know you could get picked up like that though, they have a number of canidates here now.

-Doug ©

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Poor la Dalia

I hope they keep them locked up well. I think of it as the Stupid Season, from about 20 nov when the aquinaldo starts getting paid until Christmas day when the drunks run out of money.

So far, no direct casualties on our end, although a friend of a family member died when he tried to break up a fight between his drunken uncle and another drunk. He picked up a bullet near Shell Esquipulas on Hipico Sunday.

And the screaming churches are aboratado this time of year. We are a km away from one that interupts our evenings with its rantings and ravings. I really think some of these preachers should try pain killers.

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