Interpol arrest alert for Eden Pastora

I wasn't sure whether to put this in NicaNews or Humor. But, this is real and current. There is now an Interpol alert for Eden Pastora. Considering his history, I suppose it is about time. :-)

From GringoTicoTimes:

Interpol on Tuesday included former Nicaraguan guerrilla leader Edén "Comandante Cero" Pastora on a list of internationally wanted people, following a request by Costa Rican judicial authorities.

According to Interpol’s website, Costa Rica wants Pastora on charges of "usurping public property" and violating Costa Rica's Forestry Law.

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Well, that's a relief :-)

From Tico Times

As of Friday, Pastora’s name is no longer on the agency's website. Nicaragua’s Channel 15 reported that Pastora said Interpol removed his photo and name from the list “thanks to petitions sent by the Foreign Ministry and the National Police last December.”

Nicaragua's response

From The Costa Rica News.

Nicaragua demanded a withdraw of the Costa Rican arrest warrant issued to the International Police (Interpol) against Eden Pastora, the legendary “Comandante Cero”, a gesture that the Nicaraguan authorities described as “bad faith and provocation.”

Pura Nica

"bad faith and provocation"...

Like threatening to take Guanacaste wasn't?

This whole SJ River thing is a classic old school political diversion that has gone too far and is an indication of how stuck in the 70's our leaders are.

The river needs dredging, Yes?

The silt comes from both sides, Yes?

The "Delta" of an estuary is a formation of silt, Yes?

And these 4 year olds need a Judge to resolve this.

Ortega/Pastora think its a fence line dispute where they can score a few manzanas off of the neighbor. The mentality is child like. (but an indication of how that fence line dispute will be resolved)

Is he still a Tico?

In 1983 he moved to Costa Rica, where he was granted citizenship.

In 2000 the Nicaraguan congress again recognized his Nicaraguan citizenship.

I presume only CR can take it away.