A friend in Oregon just sent me a "business idea". He claims a new product called choffy is the new coffee replacement health drink. It's roasted cacao.

As I know of two NL members (Andrew and Doug) who are growing cacao and clearly they are not the only two people growing it here, I figured this was worth mentioning.

From their web site:

Choffy is 100% premium cacao (cocoa beans). Cacao is referred to as a superfood for its fantastic health benefits! For example, there are more antioxidants in an 8oz. cup of Choffy than almost two servings of blueberries. How’s that for stamping out free-radicals!

What's it cost? $16.50 for a 12oz. bag. He characterized it as expensive but "probably my favorite winter drink".

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Interesting and happening.

Yes this will be big, already several players in the biz.

There is obvious health benefits in cacao and it is known and has been recommended for a long time. There is a few points to take into consideration and that is # 1 price, in your post the price was already over $ 16.00 and with the current price of cacao around $ 2.800 a mt and the forecast to hit 5 times that within 5 years it might be a expensive pleasure ( resources is major us and European publications) and with a explosive demand growing in the next few years the spokes man for a big Dutch chocolate maker speculated that pure cacao/chocolate will only be affordable for the upper middle class in the future and further speculated that some synthetic / same taste but not the real McCoy will hit the marked in a move by the chocolate industry, they already to a certain degree is doing that by replacing some of the elements of pure or almost pure chocolate with other products.

Germany is involved in a fairly good program of helping farmers to grow cacao with a guaranteed purchase program.

I have obtained a CD regarding this subject and it is very interesting. In addition to this there are several companies on the starting line in the process of making a pill or in some cases a simple candy to reap the health benefits of Cacao concentrate. The new cacao tree can give fruit in 3.5 years and as shade in the growing process they are planting platano to even before the cacao is paying off is making money on platano, again it is in deed a interesting biz.


we sell some in waslala..and a lot of people want to sell them in W...problem with selling transportation a bigger market..we use most of them to feed the pigs

sorry fly..

i guess i stole ure post

Well, it's close

I tried to give you a way to make money and all you want to do is get drunk. :-)

sounds great..

to me...what im looking for is a good source of cacao liquor in colonial has it..but not that good

Don Juan - made in Rivas, sold at La Union?

Bottom right box on main page has a number of locations where they sell it.

i use the la colonial..

plaza aye..i use 2 la unions..the new 1 up around car 8.and the 1 down near the old amer.emb..they dont carry it..i'll keep looking for it with my morning coffee

The Don Juan cacao liquor is

The Don Juan cacao liquor is pretty good, I found it at La Colonia.