NL member pleads guilty

Well, I thought it was a cute title. In any case, probably the most famous NL member of all time just plead guilty to child pornography charges. From an article in Lawyer Herald

Eric Justin Toth, a former Washington private school teacher who was once featured on the FBI's list of most wanted fugitives, pleaded guilty to child pornography charges after five years on the run.

Toth, who was arrested in April in Nicaragua entered the plea on Thursday morning in a federal court in Washington.

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25 years

I expect this will be the end of the story for quite a while. From Huffington Post

Eric Toth, a former elementary school teacher who was once one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives, has been sentenced to 25 years for child pornography.

Toth was arrested in Nicaragua in April 2013 after a five-year-long hunt by authorities to capture the former school teacher for child pornography charges. In December 2013, Toth pleaded guilty to three counts of producing child pornography, identity theft and misuse of a Social Security number.

I am surprised

I thought Rebecca and KWP was Tony Solo ? I guess I better take a beer.

I was expecting

Rebecca had admitted to being Key West Pirate.

Ouch! You Really

know how to hurt a guy!