New Sinsa location

Can anyone help me pinpoint the location of the new Sinsa superstore on Carr. Masaya? What are some nearby landmarks? All I am getting by googling it is 'across the street from the Esso Station in Las Colinas'. Don´t know where that's at.

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8.7 km Masaya Highway

Just behind the Stop & Go store!!! If your coming from Granada, its about 1 km before Gallarias Mall on your left hand side! The PUMA gas station is slightly past it on the Right side! You can't miss it, big signs and it is about the size of a Home Depot!!


Thanks. That's good news, there's a microbus from Jinotepe that goes right past it so I can leave the car at home.

Thanks to heaven

I arrived alive is the correct name of this buses.

1999 I had one trip from Diriamba to Managua and even downhill where you could easy be rolling at 100 km a hour the driver was pedal to the metal all the way .

Seeing later one them rolled down a hill with several dead, I just decided not for me.