Making NL (more) useful

This post is inspired by the somewhat typical "I know more than you" type of discussions we have regularly. I want to, once again, point out how to make NL more useful for everyone.

To start with, posting this in the Site Info forum rather than adding it where a pissing content is going on means at least a few less off-topic posts there. That is a good thing.

One of the big advantages of NL over static sites about Nicaragua is that we tend to quickly get dissenting opinions when something is incorrect. For example, if someone posts that Daniel Ortega has three "novias", someone else may point out that it is now six and name them. (I have no idea how many he has but wanted to toss out something that was not in the usual I know more than you discussions.)

The trick is for readers to decide which information is correct and which is not. Sometimes it is obvious such as in the case when someone posts about a revised law or other clearly current information and points to a source. While I don't think we need to go with the rules used by Wikipedia (basically, no new information--you need to cite sources), it would be helpful if you include your sources.

Here are some possibilites/examples:

  • personal experience including the date when this happened (as things do change)
  • what you were told by who (there is a big difference between first person sources and the more typical "my neighbor's sister's friend's cousin's brother-in-law said ..."/
  • other source such as a newspaper, government publication, web site, ... (Be specific: there is a big difference between "I read it in Tico Times" and a source with a bit of credibility.)
  • For Nicaragua newspapers, being able to say you saw it in both END and La Prensa is a good way to compensate for political bias.

You also might want to check your own profile. Saying "it works like this in Somoto" when your profile says you live in Wyoming doesn't help your credibility.

Finally, if you have a vested interest, let us know. E.g., telling us that El Gringo Viejo is the best restaurant in Chichigalpa but not telling us you own it is not nice.

Some of you may wonder what happened to the comments. Simple, I turned them off. I re-read them. None were about the subject of the post. As I actually made the post to address a problem and feel it is useful for people to hear without noise, I turned them off.

Censorship? Not really. Feel free to chat about your assumptions, assertions and such in your blog or whatever. But, here, they simply detract from the message and certainly don't belong in a "Site info" forum.