Return of the Nicaragua Dispatch

Did I miss something? I don't remember seeing a post about this on NicaLiving!!! :O

They're using Kickstarter to raise funds and have (incredibly) already met the goal! It looks like the ND will rise from the grave! At US$100 for the entry fee, I'm not likely to participate. I also perused the backer page, though, and didn't notice any of the names I know from here, so I thought I'd share in case anyone didn't already know and would like to donate. There was certainly enough eulogizing it here when it perished!

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Side notes

As a side note, you can set your location to Managua in Kickstarter, and as long as you're logged in, the homepage will show you projects listed in Managua. Usually there's nothing, but sometimes you get weird bursts of activity, like right now.

Also, mods, I'm not sure where to put this topic.