One Big Wasp Nest

One Big Wasp Nest

I had been watching this wasp nest for some time, even thought about where I would run if it suddenly fell. It was slightly smaller than a five gallon bucket,, so the potential for some stings if it fell was pretty strong. Things came to a head when we decided we needed to trim the tree slightly to avoid shading the solar panels.

The pic shows Alexi (who likes to climb trees anyway) burning the nest. Supposedly, this is the best way. It doesn't take much to burn the delicate wings off the wasp, and then they are helpless. In the US we would buy one of those "shoots sixty feet wasp spray canisters" but I couldn't find one in NicaLand.

I wasn't about to try it anyway, but it was on the To-Do list before I returned, and these guys take their work seriously.

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Shooting them down with a 12

Shooting them down with a 12 gauge shotgun is way more exciting :)... funny watching the returning workers wondering where the heck their nest went.