Zancudo (mosquito) trap!

Or rather, attractant.

Evidently they've identified a couple of alternate chemical pathways that will either confuse/disorient the mosquitos (think about it like being drunk), or attract them almost as much as carbon dioxide does.

I bring this here b/c Nicaragua, of course, stands to benefit. The main attractant, useful for traps, is available for as little as $30/kilo (at the first Google result to sell it, anyway) in quantities of 10kg. The stuff has roughly the density of water (a bit less, actually). No idea how many gallons that would be, but then you can water it down to about 20% volume, according to the study, and still have almost the same effect as a carbon dioxide trap.

I was thinking of ordering some, putting it in perfume bottles, smuggling it in, and having the girlfriend's family build a few homemade traps with 120v of electric death awaiting those hungry mosquitos! Feliz navidad, zancudos!!!

PS - Cyclopentanone, the attractant, is approved for use as a fragrance in the US. It is specifically noted by the authors as having a "minty" smell. This was a very practical study, the authors recognized that, and were even surprised by the results. The study itself is relatively readable, though its results are also easily summarized. Check it out, if you have the time.

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The cheap and easy mosquito trap is a small soda bottle

with the top half cut off and reversed in the low half. Mix sugar, water, and yeast to produce CO2 as the bait.

Rebecca Brown

Fun and interesting note

Cyclopentanone apparently has a very low flash point. Like, 26C/80F low. So, with the electric trap I was suggesting, you might also get quite the spectacular show every time it goes off. Think along the lines of a circus fire breather.

For added clarity, please, if you implement this idea, keep this thing away from kids.

is it just me..or are the ..

mosquitoes worse this yr..

Like something

out of a Hitchcock movie. More zancudos, more agressive, and we picked up a new species. Lack of heavy rains this year seems to have made life easy on them.

``Socialism works fine until you run out of other peoples` money``

Margaret Thatcher

Attractant Is

Important for success.

I'd pick up some of the material in the post and drive it down, but I saw it too late to be shipped to arrive in time.

I would like to find an attractant for no-seeums. Zancudos are not a problem,, the no see-ums continue to plague me. They are so small and light that they drift in with every breeze, even over my high walls. I bought a Mega Catch Alpha to try under my desk, it's small and quiet. It's basically just a light source that is supposed to attract zancudos and moskitos, with a quiet DC van that then blows them into a net. An attractant could be added . . .

I'm not holding my breath, reviews of the product were mixed.

I'm not sure about attracting them

In order to kill them.

Repel them yes.

My bug screens, drop ceilings and bedroom/bathroom door closing regime keeps us almost free of them.

The baby has a cot net.

I have a big Neem tree right outside the front door and we can sit out at any time.

I miss Carlie :-)

I worked with her for years. She was the best mosquito proteciton system I have ever used. For example, we were staying in the same room in Costa Rica. In the morning she had 10 or 20 bites and I had none. Not sure if you call that an attraction system or a repulsion system but, for me, it really worked well.