More Socialist Success


Airlines can then re-sell the vacant seats as standbys, everyone profits, who says socialism/communism doesn't work?

Reminds me of East Germany in the 60's, official exchange rate was 1 east German Mark for one west German mark, but everyone in east Berlin would give you 30+.

You had to fill out forms going back and forth to account for you money in and out (at the east German check point, west Germans didn't care) -- and empty your pockets for the guards. Guards were seriously scary, remember, they were shooting people daily who tried to leave their communist paradise. Basically what that meant is, you had to get rid of any East German marks that you bought, and that was hard to do. Other than beer and vodka, and so-so food, there wasn't much to buy.

If Guillen's latest cartoon on TRN is accurate, we have nothing to worry about in Nicaragua. DO is keeping his eye on the $ball$.

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California. Lookit.

Commanism come creeping back out the sea.

No Sniveling!

Finally, Obama's Nobel Prize


Nicaragua’s educational system under the Sandinistas was designed to equate Western-style democracy and capitalist economic systems with evil U.S. “imperialism” while portraying Soviet-style Marxism-Leninism as the benefactor of mankind. The Sandinista Ministry of Education, for example, made it mandatory for all high school students to study Marx’s theory of dialectical materialism, which is officially regarded as the “basis of all scientific endeavor.” The Sandinistas stated that one of the main objectives of their “new education” was “to form new generations in the values and principles of the Sandinista people’s revolution.”

I wish I'd studied dialectical materialism in high school, I'm clearly the product of a deficient education . . . . Is this still part of the Nica curriculum? It could explain a lot.


I remember having to report to the local police

within a certain time and get a paper visitors ID card.

A lot of things Nicaraguan remind me of the DDR. Stamps, seals, carbon paper etc. All very quaint.

The continuation of folly

Ma'burro’s government plans to use fingerprint scanners at airports to foil the scam. "Only after people registered at those machines would their hard-currency allowance be activated."

source: today's WaPo

The Sandinistas too had severe economic problems after the revolution, with inflation, black-marketeering in face of gov't fixed prices. Many blame the US embargo (after Carter) of the new communist state, but that was only a small part of the problem. Property confiscations led to poor productivity. Marx was no economist. Junta leaders were poorly prepared to manage a peace-time government.