Time is getting short for me. I will arrive in Managua on August 20th for a few weeks visit. I have arranged to meet with Paul Tiffer to find out the "ley of the land" and then will travel around. I expect to be in Leon on the 21st until the 24th when I will travel up to Estelí for two weeks of Spanish at CENAC. I plan to visit Granada on the weekend between Spanish classes. This trip will be the physical start of a 4 year plan. I will be arriving in Nicaragua on January 5th with 2 suitcases and a lot of enthusiasm for my move. My last day of work is December 28th. Estelí is my choice of places to live, at least to start. My goal is to fit into the Nicaraguan community and enjoy what Nicaragua has to offer. I look forward to meeting the people whose posts I have been reading for the last several years. On a sadder note, I recently spoke with someone by phone in Nicaragua. After Spanish in elementary school, 4 years in high school and 2 years at the U' of Oregon it was a disaster. I will work on my language skills. All that is on offer at present is a little comic relief. I want to be able to read and understand a book written in Spanish as well as tell a joke and have people laugh. The last part could be problematic but usually my jokes are not only funny but ones you could tell your mother.

Charles Slane

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Bienvenidos Charles!

Enjoy your visit. I have had a few guests looking to relocate take a consult with Dr. Tiffer and they have been happy with the information provided. When I first moved here, I took classes at La UCA in Managua to get my Spanish up a level or two. Takes a while!

Cheers from Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua

Doors of hope fly open when doors of promise shut. -Thomas D'Arcy McGee

Look Me Up

when you get here.

Not that many gringos in the northern end of the country, although plenty of tourists in Esteli during the season.

I hope to meet you Charles when you come to Estelí.

My name is Kenny and I started to follow NicaLiving in 2003, two years before I first visited Central America. I have learned a lot reading the posts in this informative blog site while suffering the agonizingly slow night shifts waiting for retirement while I worked as a technician at Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY. I finally retired in 2005 and started to come first to Costa Rica then to Nicaragua on short-term mission trips. I fell in love with the children in Las Salinas, Rivas in 2007 while teaching vacation Bible school there. I decided to do more here but I didn't have sufficient Spanish so I attended several Spanish schools. I traveled to five different cities, a different school in each city. When I came to Estelí I really liked the climate and the people here better than all the other cities I had been to including several cities in Costa Rica and so I decided to live here. Two years ago I got my permanent residency via Paul Tiffer and was very satisfied with his work. I now volunteer at Spanish Conversation School of Estelí doing a wide variety of jobs. One of the unique assets of this school is its focus on normal conversation, with an hour of practice, in comfortable settings both inside the house and outside in the garden casitas every day if desired. None of the schools I attended offered this fabulously rewarding option. If you are looking for a couple of weeks of classes or to spread your time out over an extended period you'll find that you'll fit right in with our family of teachers and friends. Come for a visit and I'll show you around town. We can stop at one the better coffee shops in the area and shoot the bull. Check our web site- My email is- See ya' soon, Kenny