An Honest Lawyer

And competent as well. I've posted about Karla before and at least one NicaLiving member has subsequently used her.

I had a need for a large sum of money recently, relatively quickly, and she agreed to allow me to transfer it to her account.

We had to pull it out over a couple of days, as the sum was large, and Nica taxes a single large withdrawal over a certain amount ?? with a 10% tax ?? -truly odd, but there it is.

Karla spent from 8:30 this morning (a Saturday) to 10:30 in line at the bank. She called me a couple of times to update me on the progress, and we finally met at her office, where she opened her purse and handed me the plata.

She refused to accept any compensation for her time. She teaches law, her husband is also a lawyer, and they both have business administration degrees. They have professional offices.

Clearly, you will want to use a local lawyer in most cases, but if you happen to be in the general Estelí area she would be a good choice.

Carla Vanessa López González. Abogado y Notario Público. Administradora de empresa

Tel.: (505) 2713 0117• Cel.: (505) 86156065

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Never heard of such a thing

a tax on a large withdrawal.

I guess a lot depends on what she would have told the bank teller about the money (if she had of taken it out in one go). If it looks like a fee then maybe its a withholding tax on the lawyer.

As I understood It

and this was all in Spanish . . . .so I might have missed something ...

beyond a certain amount of withdrawal a tax is imposed, the amount is 10%.

I don't know if this is new . . . I transferred funds to her account for the second property purchase and this issue did not come up then.


Charged me a tax or a fee (Not sure which) when I took out the money to buy my house.

1st Capt. Ron

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