Water filters for use to create clean drinkable water from streams, lakes, etc.?

Greetings NL-ers:

I have a guest coming down in July who wants to purchase at least twenty water filters of the sort that can create drinkable water out of most any water from most any source, without the use of electricity.

I was wondering if anyone in the community here has a lead on places to buy such things here in Managua? I would imagine that there are at least a few NGOs working on this issue too, so I thought if someone knows of any, I might connect our kind, giving guests with them to coordinate efforts.

Thanks in advance and have a great day!

Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde

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for a family, not sure what size that might be...

but thanks everyone! I have forwarded the link to this conversation to my guest in charge of delivering the filters

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search "filtron managua peace potters"

I used many years. gifted. only abt $ 15!

win.win. nica earth nic biz.

(interesting background include ron rivera in search)

some of peace potters stayed with me.

excellent health my 20 yrs of bike wheel pumped water direct to filtron.

store front jardin vicky barrio en mga

Is there a catch to this?

Bottled water now is almost $2/5 gal bottle.
And nobody certifies the quality & safety of that stuff.

If these things work as advertised why aren't they sold and used everywhere?
Do they have a problem with hard water that has a high mineral content like calcium or magnesium carbonates?
The old well water in SJDS lime scaled everything including many kidneys here.
Is there a way to detect when the colloidal silver is used up?

Where is the guy selling these on the Managua street corner out of his old beat up pickup truck? I would buy a bunch.

A catch? Yes!: The viruses causing colds, flu, and maybe mumps

A catch? Yes!: The viruses causing colds, flu, and maybe mumps

Katadyn makes water filters of different types. Their table at http://www.katadyn.com/fileadmin/user_upload/katadyn_products/Downloads/... shows that their ceramic water filters, which have a very small pore size of 0.2 microns (microns = um = micrometers), are NOT recommended for viruses.

Why are ceramic water filters not recommendded against viruses? Because many viruses are smaller than the holes/pores in ceramic filters and can pass through.

In summary, viruses causing colds and the flu are smaller than 0.2 microns. The mumps virus is just slightly larger than the 0.2 micron pore size: perhaps some mumps viruses would end up in your drinking water, too.

Sizes in microns/micrometers of some viruses that infect humans:

Adenovirus 0.08 Colds, Chlamydia pneumoiae 0.3 Pneumonia, Coronavirus 0.11 Colds, Coxsackievirus 0.027 Colds, Echovirus 0.028 Colds, Influenza 0.10 Flu, Morbillvirus 0.12 Measles (rubeola), Parainfluenza 0.22 Flu, Paramyxovirus 0.23 Mumps, Parvovirus B19 0.022 Filth disease, anemia, Rhinorvirus 0.023 Colds, Togavirus 0.063 Rubella (german measles), Varicella-zoster 0.3 Chickenpox

The above size data was extracted from at able at http://www.filterair.info/literature/Files%2FBacteriaFungusVirusChart.pd... © Camfil Farr, One North Corporate Drive, Riverdale, NJ 07457

OK more questions...

Why - If these things actually work they would be a big money saver.
What is the function of the colloidal silver?
How would a user know when it is depleted?

Some info for you Mr. Engineer

I know as an Engineer you will read every word.


Question: How long does this filter last? Answer: A study was done at MIT that showed that the filter maintained its effectiveness for over one year, however testing was stopped after one year. It is estimated that the filter will last with repeated daily use long after one year.

This one is detailed.



I read that earlier but the links to any independent analysis did not work here and even those were pretty limited.
I am NOT disputing what they say - Would like to see something scientific though.
I missed that one - Thanks I will read it.
My main question was: Is there a way to detect when the colloidal silver is used up?
I use at least 50 bottles a month - $100 - Every bit counts. This thing could be a money saver.

The Jehovah witnesses that stayed here 5 years ago used something like this - Was sufficient for 2 people even with the bad water we had. They had it sitting on an open plastic trash can.
I should have invited them in to explain it ;-))
To be fair - They (1 apartment and 2 rooms) were VERY nice people, dedicated to their work, paying their own way, and never tried to save me.

What's The Throughput ?

I used these in Lagartillo, but they seemed to filter pretty slow .. The family I stayed with had two.

You can put together a reverse osmosis system with a decent throughput relatively inexpensively. It's not going to be enough for bathing, etc. unless you really scale it up, and then you're looking at some serious energy to run the pump.

You need to raise the water pressure to about 800 psi (pressure washer pump heads), provide sufficient "bleed" to waste some percentage of the water (which carries away impurities,, and some sensor (could also just be a time delay) that opens a valve when the water is "pure".

There are plans out there for do it your self units for boats that could to scaled to whatever amount you needed.

Water should be pushed through the membrane daily to keep the microscopic pores open. No oil, or chlorine should come in contact with the membrane, so if SJdS chlorinates their water, you would need an in-line carbon filter.

Membrane removes all bacteria, most viruses,, water is tasteless. I liked it but a lot of people didn't. Membrane will last a very long time if you take care of it.


Depends if you need a small portable unit or something larger. For the latter, in-country, there is Potters for Peace. They are connected, I think, in some way to Filtron Nica. Also, I think Hydraid BioSand used to have a rep in Nicaragua, but don’t see this on their current website – though perhaps they are connected to Filtron Nica.


Potters for Peace helped develop the technology, Filtron Nica commercialized it.

bio sand filters

Look into bio sand filters, as this is what I will use at some point. The schools here use them too and they are good if used properly for almost 20 years!

Here they are not maintained properly, as they need one month to be ready to use and must have wáter put through them daily. Simple, cheap and very effective

Ceramic filters

Sounds like he's looking for the Filtron system.


We have been using them...

for six years now, the silver wears out in about two years and should be replaced or re-impregnated with colloidal silver

-Doug ©

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Water filters do not stop viruses

"viruses ... are much smaller than (bacteria) and ... will slide right through a (water) filter...."

From; http://artcanthurtu.hubpages.com/hub/Berkey_Water_Filters_remove_dangero...

Biosand %

Biosand can get 95-99% of bacteria and 85-95% of viruses. While not 100%, what remains is not enough to make sick the average healthy adult. Unfortunately, the same is not true for children, the elderly, and those with immune diseases. A lot depends on the water source.

We sell small Reverse

We sell small Reverse Osmosis systems that do not use electricity. But it sounds like you are looking for portable units? Ours are under counter mounted. 50 gallons per day.