Motion detectors

Does anyone know where I can pick up motion detectors at a favourable price in Managua?

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PRICE SMART Managua July 19 2013

Had a model made by Qsee--seem to have 8 cameras---6 regular cameras + 2 dome type cameras. 16 channel real time DVR. model QT 4516-862-6

20,698.85 with IVA ==approx $834 usd


All the hardware for my system was purchased from Paradox in Managua

Location etc:

Main web:

It was installed by a security company that uses their stuff.

Its one of those monthly all in monitoring and response jobs so I don't know how much each unit was. I figure cheap based on the fact that they are paying all the up front costs and we are essentially renting it.

Price Smart

I thought I saw some at Price Smart.....and the Sinnsa right by pricesmart is a bit bigger Sinnsa, so it may have them as well......And I recall another post on Motion detectors o here very recently


Thanks, found the thread.

Goes to show, always do a search first.

I'll make it easier

Both posts are now in the Security forum. :-)

I bought a motion activated

I bought a motion activated two - light fixture at Sinsa in Estili. With bulbs I think it was around $30.00. I haven't done it, but I think it is possible to add a remote buzzer to these if needed; and also bypass the light detector to enable the buzzer during daytime if needed.

I guess you didn't say security!

My assumption. Maybe you want the lights to come on.