Juanno Wants Pictures

Let me try one for starters:

I woke this morning at 3AM to do some work for a client in Dallas, found out why my computer was giving me fan errors (I'd stuffed it with various cables,, fan couldn't turn). Re-arranged the computer station so it almost makes sense.

Jaido showed up and we left for Estelí. The larger bags I needed for the apple trees were not available in Condega, but we did successfully find them in Estelí at one of the Plastinic stores. We had a couple of less significant errands.

On the way back we picked up a couple of cubic meters of wood shavings. We have been looking for something to bed the cows; separate their feet and teats from the mud, urine and manure. My courtyard is mud, and getting some grass going is going to have to wait until I can do some more tree pruning.

I think I mentioned that Jaido did indeed get his license. He had never driven anything beyond his moto before, so it's been a challenging three days. He swears that there is no driving test ??? That would explain the way the cars are parked at PriceMart.

He drove back from Estelí, and I only had to grab the wheel a couple of times. He's a quick learner, three years of college, just not enough money to finish. He took the truck up to the farm by himself this afternoon, he drove it yesterday with me without much problem.

One of his younger brothers likes to climb trees, so we are going to do some serious "pruning" to get the balance of shade and sun I want.

Henry is the mentally challenged kid next door. He has a big heart,, and I try to put him to work whenever I can. Most of the people I interact with on a daily basis are Nicaraguans.

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The problem turned out not to be the pic size. I had set it to the minimum and it was saving at 350KB, depending somewhat on content.

I was using the file attachment app at the foot of Create Content. That did seem intuitive.

I'm picking up another 2-3 yards of wood shavings tomorrow,,, that stuff is so nice to walk on.

No mas lodo !

I'll try another pic when the work is done. We spent all day today cutting back. Those campo boys sure love chainsaws, although a sharp machete in the right application will beat a chainsaw anytime.

wood shavings ... nice to walk on - TERMITES!

I used to have a "patio home" in Houston (Clear Lake). It came with wood shavings in the front yard. They were great until I realized that I could actually hear my yard when it was quiet. Termites were chewing on the shavings. There were so many that I could actually hear them.

Cow mats out of old tires...lets do it!!


What a good idea.

hi KeyWestPirate..one of ure best posts..

..really want to know how the apples do..they grow some in guate and i have had locals in david panama..to me this is what this site is about..living down here..take care,and keep doing good informative posts..andy

I think there are some very low chill apples out there

The countries you mention, though, have higher elevations than Nicaragua (top elevation is around 6700 feet).

This is something that a farmer who had to make a living from what he did couldn't do that someone who isn't doing it for money can try. If the apples require any hours under 45 F, they're not going to set fruit at Jinotega's altitude since Jinotega's record low was 47 or 48 one year and the average winter lowest temp is more like 52. Phil posted something earlier about growing apples in Africa and it seemed like a lot of manipulation was necessary to make that work. Dorset Golden will work with only 100 hours under 45 (developed in Israel). Anna is generally planted with it as they will pollinate each other and bloom at the same time.

Not a commercial crop, no doubt, but something to play with if someone can get a couple of Annas and Dorset Goldens.

There's an area in Mexico that grows apples -- but it's on the one of the highest volcanos in North America and the foothills sometimes get snow.

I think Costa Rica has some places that get cool enough to grow Grannie Smiths, which were one of the first lower chlll varieties bred. Probably those all get eaten there.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chilling_requirement is a good explanation of all this.

Might be worth it to try some Annas and Dorset Goldens.

Rebecca Brown



I'm Still Doing

wrong on the pics

If you are using Windows©....

you can resize in 'Paint' and store as a new name for posting. I have a new camera and have to reduce by several hundred percent

ps, great post

-Doug ©

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate

NL does have a size limit

I have to shrink photos to post. New cameras that are 10mp and above use obscene amounts of memory. As a related issue, we recently bought an external memory just to get 6 years of fotos off our computer as the drive was filling up.

I happen to use the Canon software that came with my camera because I am used to it. On this software I click on ''export'' and then it asks me if I want to resize and where I want to locate the smaller picture. I play with the numbers until I shrink the typically 5 mb fotos down to about 100 kb and they post fine.

Your software should have some parallel way of doing the same.

"Anything that is complex is not useful and anything that is useful is simple. This has been my whole life's motto."

Mikhail Kalashnikov, Russian inventor

I recommend Adobe Lightroom and an external hard drive

Lightroom can be pre-set to any particularly export size and JPG quality and also does most of the basic photo processing for a fraction of Adobe Photoshop. Adobe lets people try it for a month before buying.

One external drive stays hooked up to the computer for Mac's Time Machine hourly incremental backups and for Carbon Cloner's weekly bootable backup. The other hard drive backs up the main system when I remember to and also backs up photos.

Rebecca Brown

They Are On

The Real Nicaragua if you want to see them

I'll try again later,, I have to get back to work.

Go to Create content

Chose image, which gallery, and upload the image from your desktop. I've found that if I posted the image to a gallery, I could link from the gallery to a blog entry or comment. Hum, let's reconstruct that.... Switch to Safe Html. Use angle brackets around img src= "the url" close angle bracket and add to close. Rebecca Brown