Hello NL readers:

I am glad to inform you than Nicaragua now is part of The Hague Convention (Apostille Treaty ) which entered into force in Nicaragua on 14 May 2013, abolishing the requirement for legalization or authentication of foreign public documents by the local and state authorities and by the Nicaraguan Consulate abroad, for the countries which are members of the Convention.

As of now any residency applicant under any category from the countries under the Convention, just need to Apostille their documents - Birth Certificate, Police Record, Health Certificate, Marriage License etc., and have them translated to be accepted in Nicaragua.

This new rule will make a simpler process to the people who need to submit their documents in Nicaragua as retirees, foreign investors, missioners, etc.

In USA documents can be legalized in every Secretary of State from the State it were issued.-

The list of the countries is:

Albania, Alemania, Andorra, Antigua y Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaiyán, Bahamas, Barbados, Belarús o Bielorrusia, Bélgica, Belice, Bosnia y Herzegovina, Botswana, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Cabo Verde, China Popular, Chipre, Colombia, Cook, Islas, Corea del Sur, Costa Rica, Croacia, Dinamarca, Dominica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Eslovaquia, Eslovenia, España, Estados Unidos de América*,Estonia, Fiji (Fiyi), Finlandia, Francia, Georgia, Granada, Grecia, Honduras, Hungría, India, Irlanda, Islandia, Israel, Italia, Japón, Kazajstán, Kirguistán, La ex República Yugoslava de Macedonia, Lesotho, Letonia, Liberia, Liechtenstein, Lituania, Luxemburgo, Malawi, Malta, Marshall, Islas, Mauricio, México, Mónaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Namibia, Nicaragua, Niue, Noruega, Nueva Zelandia, Omán, Países Bajos, Panamá, Perú, Polonia, Portugal, Reino Unido de Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte, República Checa, República de Moldavia, República Dominicana, Rumania, Rusia, Federación de, Saint Kitts-Nevis(San Cristobal y Nieves), Samoa, San Marino, San Vicente y las Granadinas, Santa Lucía, Santo Tomé y Príncipe, Serbia, Seychelles, Sudáfrica, Suecia, Suiza, Suriname, Swazilandia, Tonga, Trinidad y Tabago, Turquía, Ucrania, Uruguay, Uzbekistán, Vanuatu, Venezuela.

Best Regards,

Paul Tiffer

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Apostille in USA

There others options to do this legalization or Apostille, go to Google and just write: Apostille in ... name of the State or City and it will appear some options or links.

Best Regards,

Paul Tiffer

Apostille in USA

Today the Amercian Embassy in Managua gave the information of the website to contact in USA, for Apostille American documents: http://www.nass.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=262&I temid=484

This new Agreement will make more easy for residency applicant to complete their documents.

Best Regards,

Paul Tiffer.

Secretary of State

in USA documents can be legalized in every Secretary of State from the State it were issued.

Paul Tiffer

That's the most helpful information state level authentications

...I've seen in one place. Should be useful for those in the process post May 14.

Rebecca Brown

Oh Canada!!

Did not sign the agreement.

Still gotta do the two step process.


Don't feel lonely, it is still the two step process for Yanks also (1) order the document from the proper agency with the certification/notarization (2) fill out the apostille form and send it into the Sec. of State with the fee for apostille. It was easier when you could take your certified documents to the embassy and get them all done in one felled swoop for $50, but all that changed on May 14th, 2013. Now it's the apostille route.

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I expect you still can

My understanding is that this is a new option and nothing more. As not everyone is is "the apostille club", the old authentication by recognition of signature at each step should remain an option.

I guess that is a good point

Is the Apostle now the only way for a US application to me made or is it acceptable to use the old way.

Rebecca, get on that will you.

Two ways

Canandians has two ways:

First legalized in the Deparment of Foreign Affair and International Trade in Ottawa, and them in any Nicaraguan Consulate in USA.

Second and faster is to legalized in Canada in the Deparment of Foreign Affair and International Trade, in Ottawa and them in the Canadian Consulate in Managua, for retirees is free of charge.

Best Regards,

Paul Tiffer ptiffer@cablenet.com.ni


Try telling Minrex that!!!

No Nicaragua Consulate Stamp from country of origin (Washington for Canada), no acceptance by Minrex.

Some of my clients did it

Juanno, some of my clients from Canada did, I don´t know why MINREX or the Foreign Affair Ministry of Nicaragua didn´t accept you.

I myself submitted and they are residents nowadays.

There was a case, a couple - one of them is a Canadian lawyer - authenticate the whole file in a bundle, in the Consulate of Canada in Managua, they were rentier, so to pay less money, and it was very complicated but was accepted by Immigration, of course by MINREX. For retirees is free of charge.

I don´t advise to anyone to authenticate in a bundle anywhere, because the government needs to see the stamp in each document. If I am right in the Convention it was stage this necessity, to stamp each document, not in a bundle.-

Best Regards,


thanx for update

but I noticed this was for foreign public documents. Proof of income would seem to still require many rubber stamps if from a private pension or a public pension not recognized as such by Nic. As I remember, my proof of income needed 6 rubber stamps in order.

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