Could You Repeat

the question please ?

He's in a better place . . .a better place for both him and the people of Venezuela .. :)

There are three parts, but the above is the best . . .

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Maybe you should live in Cuba....

You always had nice things to say about it,...or was that Mexico?

I Like Them

both, but Nicaragua wins out.

Nicaragua won't always be the way it is, and the corruption and inefficiency doesn't affect me that much. In all the time I've been in Nicaragua I've only met a handful of Nicaraguans that I personally didn't care for. Most are great. You can't place the blame for corruption and inefficiency on any one person; can you blame any one individual who fits in to feed their family? If you're an educated person who wants to teach, for example, what are your options?

Ortega used much of the Chavez largess to consolidate his power. If that's not there, neither will be the support. In all fairness, Ortega has brought some much needed stability to Nicaragua, and has presided over a growing economy.

Nicaragua is certainly much better than Venezuela, where murders are committed randomly, routinely, and for little gain.

Cuba would be my first choice, I did really like it there, and liked the people too. The high level of education, and the cleanliness makes the country very attractive. Pristine coasts and beaches, mountains. It's going to be a great retirement and tourist destination some day, but that day is not today.

Nicaragua is the present. You roll the dice anywhere, and Nicaragua allows me to pursue an adventure on a budget I can afford.