NAPA ..the napa store in mga is open..

stopped there today..good looking store.. employ's..were eager to help..and nice to deal with..there garage part isnt open yet..there equipment is stuck in aduana ..go to the montoya statue and look around..u wont missit..its the old launa mattress store

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Thanks for the update. Do

Thanks for the update. Do you know if they have Rotella motor oil for diesels? I haven't seen it for sale anywhere in Nicaragua.

Surprised to see another diesel guy here!

I have not seen it either but PriceSmart had Chevron Delo 400 in 2 flavors but I have not shopped for it recently. That is a popular oil for commercial truckers too and so I used to run it in my boats and pusher motor home. Can't claim it is as good, better, or worse though.

what i saw..

was there napa oils.i really dont know


Good to know.

Gonna volunteer a summary of their merchandise? Obviously parts but also: Tires? Gauges? Simple Test Gear? The junk isle accessories?

u will like it..

lot of nice stuff