Looking for a Good Computer Store in Managua, Can Anyone Help?


Thanks to the generosity of a friend who loves dogs, I have a ride into Managua next week to get her too long hair cut and groomed. While she is getting the spa treatment, I will be looking for a good computer shop to buy (hopefully) a wireless printer, and possibly even a CD/DVD accessory for my Mac Air book, which lacks a reader. It also has only 1 usb port, which is why I am looking for a wireless printer. (Or, I'd be interested in a second hand model if anyone out there has a usable one for sale.)

Does anyone out there have any favorite computer shops I could investigate? (Detailed directions as to how to get there would also be appreciated, although I will have the services of an experienced Managuan taxi driver to chauffer me around, I doubt he has computer parts expertise.

Thanks so much for any help you can provide.

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Thanks for Help.

Thanks so much your suggestions, Juanno and Idkk, I'll follow them.

Consider Also A

USB multi-port hub if you can't find the wireless printer you want.


Excellent advice

for a single USB port portable since a hub is good for many other USB devices as well. Otta consider buying a USB hard drive and/or maybe 16 GIG chip for system and/or data backups since prices today in Managua are pretty close to US prices. $65 USB3 500GB Hard drives & $11 16GB flash memory chips. (+15% IVA)

BEWARE: The cheap "ENCORE USB2.0 HUB" 4 port USB hubs sold in Comtech do not work right and some devices connected to the 4 ports are not recognized. (A mouse in my case)

BTW, both Comtech & Datatex have small priced flyer/catalogs (20 pages or so) to give you an idea of prices & availability. The big guys like them have several stores throughout Managua so call first before you go to Managua for price & availability. Shock of your life if you know Nicaragua - Both of those stores have pretty good customer service phone support and the girl at Comtech actually volunteered advice about which mulit-function printer would scan & copy legal sized originals. Since the low end printers are "free" and their profits come from ink cartridge sales the yellow pages will get you some help finding cartridge re-fillers. (or Ebay if you travel back & forth to the US)

It is bad timing to post back after you buy something wondering if you got a good deal - A few weeks ago a guy buying a desktop computer did that and his purchase had some faults that nobody would mention then.

I'll second the suggestion

I'll second the suggestion to head to Altamira, all of the major computer retailers are there. As far as a.wireless printer, I would suggest a Canon (ink cartridges are much cheaper and tons of compatible/3rd party replacements are available).

Pick up the Cine guide, chocked full of all the ads.


And then head for the Altimira district.