CLARO advertising slogans

Claro: Leading Nicaragua into the 21st Century with first-world prices and third-world technology.

The three magic words of Claro customer service: No, No and No!

At Claro, the matchless beauty of our customer service representatives is exceeded only by their bovine sloth.

Please be patient. E-mail service in your barrio will improve greatly next week when we take delivery of a new flock of carrier pigeons.

As you personal Claro customer service rep, I will be pleased to give your request top priority as soon as I learn how to add and subtract.

Hi I’m Carlos Slim, the owner of Claro. From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank all my customers in Nicaragua for helping me climb to the top of Forbes Magazine’s list of the wealthiest people in the world in 2012. See you again next year, suckers.

Slim: Spanish for slime.

Fine print? What fine print?

Claro: We’re not happy until you’re not happy!

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Kiss my derriere Sr. Slim

I have totally lost 'faith' in the integrity of the Claro operation in Nicaragua. Several times I have paid for air-time to make calls and, though initially confirmed to my cellphone, it never allowed me even one minute to call out. (Bonuses & all other BS aside.) I can still receive calls (& Claro's damnable incessant ad messages).

On seeing this, I rethought the problem,

"The new President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, is taking on the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim, and pledges to bring diversity to a television industry dominated by the head of the largest network in Latin America, a scion of one of Mexico's leading families." 3/19/13, AP

Slim owns Claro, we know. If he can't get the money out of Mexico, he'll get it elsewhere, by hook or crook. Hey, he's numero uno. He's got his rep to maintain.


Good old Claro!! We somehow missed paying our landline bill back in October.....Maybe because we never got a bill, do not know...but paid all the others and on those bills, it made no mention of any missing payments! Then recently our phone was out of service! So made a trip to Claro and thats when we found out about the missing payment (like $10) Took awhile, but they rehooked us back up! No clue why on the other bills it made no mention of any missing payments!

As well I know very few people when first hooking up theri internet and cable TV--did they arrive on their scheduled date! It took 3 tries for them to show up at our place and 3 seems to be the average. Would be nice if they at least called and stated they were not coming!! Wel on 1 occasion a Claro rep did call us and say a Truck was in our area--but she didn't know if he was going to our house,lol So we went home--and of course he never stopped by!!

We have moviestar for our cell phone and they are fine! 1 thing I do dislike--at least at Galerais--they do not open until 11 am on a Saturday--and they have very few reps! But so far service has been good!!

At least know claro can email our internet/cable Bill. I don't think I know of anyone that has great things to say about Claro!


I have never repeat never seen costumer service like Claro in the Galerais! I have waited one hour just to get someone to talk to you! It seems the "sales" girls are so busy talking to the other "sales" girls or texting or watching Youtube Videos or Face Book .....WOW. We have waited 3 years to get a land line and internet. I could understand if the had to bring in the line but it is all right on the pole on the conner of the lot! Amazing!


2 weeks ago we went on a Saturday and told the gal at the door what our problem was, she said no problem only 3 people ahead of you, gave us our ticket and we sat down! And we waited and we waited! And I'm only a male with a small brain, but I know more than 3 people went before us, more like 15! lol Then we just gave up and left. I'm guessing they operate it much like VA DMV--only certain people tackle certain problems, so some get seen before others, but when you tell a customer, only 3 ahead of you--that should mean 3!! Maybe she meant a 3 hour wait?? We waited for prob close to 40 minutes!! Just like the Army days--Hurry up and wait,lol

Err, not wishing to cause an argument but...

Reading the above two complaints, how much are you people to blame for your own bad service?

ACC wouldn't have a voice left and/or 10 guards on him!!


Yes was my mistake in not paying the landline bill (its separate from cable/Internet--and its in the landlords name) Funny how it was not covered in the next and 5 biils,lol Oh well

Actually while we were waiting there was a Tall, older German guy and he was upset! Raised his voice and everyone in Claro just stopped and looked at him!! Then he sat down and you could tell he was royally ticked off,lol Good times in Nica!!

thanks..i use plaza inter..

and there terrible there..they look at u like..why are u bothering me..i usally buy minutes for 5 or 6 people up at the farm..and they dont like big orders..too complicated for them

The sarcasm drips. Well, now

The sarcasm drips. Well, now I know who NOT to use


is so much nicer to use..i have a ?? or a problem..there much better

Another Claro slogan

Yesterday's products tomorrow!! (Perhaps iPhone4 from Claro will arrive next year.)

Don't forget the Classic

"Claro que si" "Claro what if" the employees did their jobs! "Claro what if" the system was really maintained and worked! "Claro what if " we all went to movistar?

But, Is It

CLARO or is it just Nicaragua ?


In Panajachel Guatemala everyone who actually lives there that I have encountered is friendly and helpful. Everyone. Then I went into the Claro office. The service was still friendly but totally worthless. That is, they were nice about saying that they didn't know what they were doing but certainly not helpful.

As I was leaving the woman said "I'm sorry I couldn't help you." I responded that she actually had been very helpful as she had shown me that Claro was Claro and now I would go elsewhere to get the service I needed.


Customer service in Nicaragua is inconsistent. At Claro, it is consistently malicious.

i won`t bore you ``much``

since I last bored you with our adventures with scumbag claro, but I will throw in one incident.

they sent a bill with a date on it and the bill was backstamped in Managua by the post office almost 2 weeks later. then the letter was backstamped in Esteli 1 day later, then it was delivered by the post office 11 days later, and off course we got a late charge even though we were not cut off.

this is the mo of claro and the esteli post office--they are a team. This happenened just before the 1 week government employee vacation to celebrate the death of patron hugo, so that was not a factor.

after much badgering, we finally got them to sent both bills by email. so far, it has worked for one month.

needless to say, when any other service is available in our neighborhood, we will switch. we have had no problem with our moviestar phone account.

"Anything that is complex is not useful and anything that is useful is simple. This has been my whole life's motto."

Mikhail Kalashnikov, Russian inventor

Free Cable

I cancelled my Claro cable over 3 months ago. they have not cut the cable yet. I even went to the office to make sure they did not lose my service order. They have it.

Free Cable, I LOVE CLARO (not really).

1st Capt. Ron

(Title by Miskito Alan)

I have a question about ...

Why people sign a contract with Claro for anything?

I have a prepaid 3G modem and the quality of service is soooooooooo bad, there is no way I would contract service with them.

My (free cable) seems to go out at least monthly.

I do not have a land line as a cell phone meets my needs, but even that is prepaid as I regularly have to "discuss" problems I have with it. I just simply will not obligate myself to claro.

Is there a legitimate reason to contract with them? Maybe a business need?

1st Capt. Ron

(Title by Miskito Alan)

good question

Our neighborhood is on the edge of town. Our Moviestar modem didn`t work, so we went with claro. It works when it feels like working. lately it works good, except for some dropoffs. this despite being told we were too far from the tower.

We went claro tv for the same reason. TV works great, just fighting with the billing would make me drop them when a better option comes up.

The last 2 months on both services they have managed to send out bills by email withour dropping us so they can get a late charge . amazing for scumbag claro-- 2 months in a row without screwing us!. We tried having them double send the bill, by email and cell phone message, but guess what? they won`t send to a moviestar number and I don`t monitor messages to my scumbag claro phone because of the 50 advertisements a month they send. A catch 22 or claro`s own making.

When I went to get a cell phone contract, I went to Moviestar. A little problematic because some people will not call moviestar from a claro phone for the excessive charges, but I sure was not going to get a claro contract.

"Anything that is complex is not useful and anything that is useful is simple. This has been my whole life's motto."

Mikhail Kalashnikov, Russian inventor

i have both phones..

what i do..u can call claro or moviestar..on ure phone..if u are willing to pay a little more /minute..with ure bonus minutes..i load up on 4 and 5 bonuses..and my phone cost arent that great..check with them about it..and the code u need to enter to get it is on there site..put it in once and its good for ever..or till they change it

are u sure..

ure not billed..till it is cut


That is one of the reasons I went to the claro office

1st Capt. Ron

(Title by Miskito Alan)