Hiring Caretakers/Cuidadors

We are currently building a house in SJdS and have included a caretaker's apartment (attached but separate entrances) in our plans. We're looking for advice on 1) how to go about hiring a cuidador, 2) what's the common monthly pay for a caretaker who will have a rent free self contained apartment, assuming he will be responsible for looking after the property, cleaning the main house (small 2bd 2 bth), being the "onsite" guy to assist renters, etc. 3) Is a work "contract" a viable idea? what's the most common approach, if any, to hiring/firing help in Nicaragua. Any insights appreciated, thx in advance. Tom

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so I`ll offer 2 items:

1) Have your lawyer draw up the contracst for anyone living on your property . Spell out responsibilities of both parties. Don`t give away the store.

2) Watch out for drunks.

a search of the site should give you more input.

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