Visas to Mexico

The Nica BF and I are planning on going to Mexico next week and we were thinking of renting a house for 3 months there. As a US citizen I automatically get 6 months at entry so no problem on my end but concerned as to what he receives. We went to PV at Christmas for a week but we can NOT read the scribble they wrote in his passport and his old passport is in Nica so can't consult that either as to his previous couple of entries and they were almost 3 years ago so things could have changed since then anyway. We are currently in the US and plan to fly directly from here to there. He has a 10 year Multi-entry to the USA so he can always fly back to the US to reset the Mexico visa I assume if it is shorter than 90 days, but would prefer to stay there the entire 3 months if possible. Anyone know what Nica passport holders get when they enter Mexico?

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Nicaraguans get 180 days by way of a pre aproved Visa

He will have to apply to a Mexican Consul in the USA before you leave.

Effective from November 9, 2012

....Those citizens of the following countries or regions must obtain a visa to travel to Mexico. For recreation, business or any unpaid activity in Mexico that does not exceed 180 days, must apply in any Mexican consulate visitor visa without permission to engage in gainful activity.....

Thanks for the reply but it

Thanks for the reply but it is not exactly correct in his situation. Since 2010, as long as you hold a valid US Visa, you don't need to pre-apply, we just are not sure how long he gets. We can go by the consulute this week I suppose, better safe than sorry.


Using the USA screening and visa approval as their own standard. Kinda makes sense.

It wasn't clear that they meant Tourist Visa but as you did it last Xmas you would know.