Looking to Rent Car for 3 Months - Apr 12th - July 12th - San Juan or Popoyo Area


I know this is long shot but I'm looking to rent a 4x4 (or 2 wheel with high clearance) for 3 months starting this April 12th (or similar date). I already contacted the gentleman that rents old Land Rovers in SJDS but I can't afford $50 a day (or even $40).

I don't need to drive a ton, but the places I'm looking at staying in Nica would be much easier day-to-day with a car.

If anyone has a car for rent, or can point me in a direction where I might find one, please contact me.


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buy a moto. or rent one. you

buy a moto. or rent one. you could buy nice used one for under a grand. depending on what you need. then sell it when you leave. rivas is your best bet


a friend wants to buy a 200cc or 250cc moto for around a $1000

Thanks for the feedback

I considered a moto but I have my GF with me who's not thrilled about riding on the back with boards. Still might go that route. We'll see if anything else pops up.

Juanno - yes that's the man I spoke with. Seems to be a fair deal and his trucks look well kept, but I thought I'd see what else is out there. A combo might work, sure, but I work full time (remotely) so having a car instantly saves me a ton of time/headaches from dealing with rides. I hear you on scams and rent a wrecks. I've been living in CR and it took some serious time to finally find a couple decent people with nicer care at a good price. But they were out there. Though I realize there's a ton more expats in CR.

If you like, we can put a classified in our local paper

Wanted to Rent: 4x4 or suitable vehicle for 3 months starting April 12th (or similar date).... E Mail:

It's worth $5 for five lines for two editions just to read the responses you will get!

PM me and let me know

I might

have found a moto to rent. I'll contact you if I decide to place an ad in the paper. Thanks for the offer. BTW - which paper is it? For San Juan?

How about a Mitsubishi Montero for $4,000

And sell it before you go home?

Was that John Crilly?

Classic Cruisers

Johnny 8998-7739


You said the Landrover was too expensive...but on price:

You get what you pay for. Like maybe no insurance, no rental agreement etc so if you blow a transmission, or worse, who is paying? What do they do if you break down or the cops pick on you cos you are in a known (to them) "rent a wreck"?

Few things to ponder.

Trips to the surf beaches are 5 to 10 bucks return and you are not paying for the rental to be parked up all day or risking anything.

Maybe a combo, a couple of weeks rental for any serious travel part of the trip and pay for cheap day excursions when static in SJdS.

If a vehicle is not in the 3 month budget its going to be tough to make it happen.