Charter cities in Honduras

The effort to create charter cities in Honduras continues. But, first, what is a charter city? Like charter schools, it translates to a privately run entity rather than a government entity. Think of it as San Juan del Sur, Inc. instead of San Juan del Sur.

There has been a bit of political deregulation going on to make these new entities possible in Honduras. An Aljazeera report takes a look at whether these entities would be a good thing or a bad thing for Honduras. It seems Honduras is the test case. What happens there is likely to determine whether something similar could happen in Nicaragua.

The idea is to create at least two so-called super-cities that, although on Honduran land, would be planned and run by private companies and free to make up their own laws.

Its backers say the scheme would attract investment on a huge scale and create business-friendly enclaves similar to Hong Kong and Singapore.

However opponents of the plan have raised many concerns. They say it would violate labour rights, civil rights, the environment and the constitution.