See that little Contribute block?

It's been there all along but I just moved it back up to the top of the right column. Why? Because we get to pay for another year of hosting in April. Is NL making money? No and it was not intended to.

But, it would be nice if it only cost time, not time and money to keep the site running. Contribute now, avoid the rush.

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You forgot to post the extra privileges we receive!

  • $000 - $100: Thanks you are a good guy.
  • $100 - $500: Occasional insults without getting the boot.
  • $500 - $1000: Insult almost anybody you want.
  • $1000+: Even fyl & sball are fair game.
  • Sure

    Insults only available to the highest bidder. Bidding starts at $1000. LOL

    Processing donations

    This is in response to a question I just received. Any donations are processed by DreamHost, the hosting company, not NicaLiving. That means we never see the money -- it just goes directy to the account to pay for hosting.

    Now, the confusion seems to be that DreamHost's page says "we use PayPal ...". They do but just as the payment processor -- much like someone might use Bank of America, or, in Nicaragua, BanPRO. That doesn't mean you need a PayPal account. Any regular debit or credit card can be processed such as Visa or MasterCard.

    Debit cards from Nicaragua

    One NL member reported that he could not use the donate feature with a (Visa) debit card issued by BDF in Nicaragua. Has anyone else had this problem?

    I confess that I am not surprised as PayPal seems to treat Nicaragua as a second class country. This includes the fact that they will not distribute money from one's PayPal account to Nicaragua. We have avoided that issue as it is the hosting company, not us, who receives the money but I had experienced problems buying on-line when the merchant was using PayPal to process their transactions.

    This, unfortunately, is not something new and I have been looking for an alternative for years. It has come back up to the top of my list because of work I am doing on another project which will need to be able to process credit cards from Nicaragua and other nations. While this other venture should quickly grow to a point where using a more traditional merchant account becomes practical, It would be nice to both document the issue for DreamHost and, hopefully, find an alternative.

    I personally first encountered this issue when I tried to buy a product from the Notes in Spanish folks in Spain. I discussed the problem with Ben, one of the owners. He recognized the problem but has yet to find a good alternative. The more data we collect here the more likely we will either find an alternative or get PayPal to change their procedures.


    Thanks to the three of you so far who have donated. It's a great start. As I said, I am not trying to make money here -- just cover costs. Should we get close to the break-even point, I will post that information.

    Note that when you donate the information I receive is your email address and amount donated. I will not make either public but should you want to take credit feel free to post a comment here.