Esteli Mapping Project

Hello all.

I want to build a Google Earth kmz file that maps and describes as many places as I can for Esteli. I just spent the past week there and out of all my friends who visit there, I'm looked at as the "city expert" who knows where to find anything you need there which is sad since I don't know crap, especially compared to a local. Please let me know if you are interested in collaborating on building a file that can be shared with whomever is interested in it. With the addressing system in Nicaragua, Google Maps and other programs are worthless so I see this as the only way to make it possible for newbies to find anything in the city. I appreciate any feedback.

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Good idea

I see a lot of potential beyond Estelí. Interested in seeing how this could be done in a sustainable way/would like to talk more. Unfortunately, I have a pile of stuff I have to get done in the short term so I can't get serious about it for probably a couple of months.

Sounds Great!

Would it be possible to tie this into the Garmin vehicle GPS maps available for Nicaragua?

I don't have that technical

I don't have that technical knowledge but it's a great idea and if someone knows how to do it, I'd love for them to help out.