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Today I filed my "intent to collect" letter with social security. I will be 62 in February. This is my first physical step towards moving to Nicaragua. To use an abstruse metaphor I feel like a fat penguin trying to break the ice. I first found Nicaliving over two years ago. I read all the posts backwards, from first post to last, and then monitored as a visitor for several months. I am now a member but don't post much. I can't find much relevance between Columbia, Mo. and Leon or Granada, Nicaragua which would be my point of moving. My childhood was spent in the Philippines, late 50's-early 60's. At age 12 I was taking the local bus from Manila to Baguio to boarding school by myself. I lived on Oahu for 23 years and not only deal well with but also enjoy other cultures and to some extent by perhaps osmosis have absorbed parts of them. My point, if in fact I have one, is that not only have I experienced third world living and other cultures but also enjoy them. Moving forward, in an orderly manner, my next step will be to find legal representation in Nicaragua. I have yet to find a "t" that I didn't want to cross or an "i" that I didn't want to dot with the possible exception of a capitol "I". I'll keep you posted, much as Rebecca Brown did, as things progress. Good news! I have never come across a long story that I can't make interminable.

Charles Slane

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B&B Attorney at law

Dear Mr Slane, It´s a great decision to come to Nicaragua, please do not hesitate to ask any legal question. Regards,

Ronald Benard Managing Partner B&B Abogados de Nicaragua Del Club Terraza 4 c abajo y 50 mts al Norte Cel 87200200

Charles Slane Thank you.

Charles Slane

Thank you.

Welcome !!

When do you anticipate making the big move?

Thanks for your welcome.

Thanks for your welcome. I anticipate moving within the next 6 months to a year. I want to do it right the first time. Mentally I am already there.

Charles Slane

First payment

Keep in mind that you will probably receive your first payment on the third wednesday in April