Aguinaldo - Christmas Box or Bonus

The thirteenth month payment, also known as a bonus, is a right under the Constitution and the Labor Code and must be paid no later than the 10th of December.

Employers must pay a pro rata or proportion of the bonus for employees with less than 1 year of service.

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Yes December can be a good month for workers

If they don't take vacation and prefer to be cashed out at the end of every year for that and liquidation as well they get 4 paychecks.

Its only what they are entitled to!

If they do that they gave you a years work without taking a vacation and were good enough for you to keep them for a year!!

No they were entitled

to wait until they actually permanently terminate and then they would receive less than a month pay per year if they had worked several years (3+???) - I am too lazy to look it up.

So if you give them the option to receive their full month's pay of liquidation year by year they are happy to have the money now and can avoid the 300% interest they pay to by a TV at La Curacao. They *might* lose the lower total C$ bag of liquidation available later if they worked for a company that did not fold or was not immune to paying liquidation.

Add an optional work cycle of 4 days on & 4 days off @ 42 hours/week OR 5 day/week @ 8 hours = 40 hour week (instead of 6X8 = 48 legal Nica work week) is another way to help those who choose a month pay instead of vacation. And many employers force vacation during the low season so those workers do not have that option.

Do you realize how many workers here are paid C$3000/month 6-7 days @ 50-60 hours per week and may never receive liquidation or other benefits? - Why? - At least partial immunization from labor laws IS available here for the right employers!

Do you know who those employers are?????

The post was only meant as a reminder to pay Aguinaldo.

The law says they get it in whole or in part, depending on the time they put in, plain and simple.

If you are late paying, the fine is a days wages to the employee for every day late after the 10th December.

ja ja - thanks but

the reminders start coming in about October or November.

I think you will agree - It would be pretty tough for a family to live on one paycheck @ about $175/month. Aguinaldo at least makes one month a little better and is a very good law.


Our housekeeper prefers $$$$. Which I agree with, why go spend $$ non something she may not use. We give her a full month salary, and I will send some other food items home with her