Where do express buses stop?

While I have been told express buses don't stop at the airport but I have caught one to Estelí there. I have also followed local instructions on how to get an Estelí to Managua express to stop at the empalme for San Nicolas. But today was a whole different thing.

On the way to Managua there are a bunch of hammock sellers along the road.Maybe it's in La Trinidad. One of the passengers went up and talked to the driver. A couple of minutes later the bus slowed to a crawl in front of the vendors. It stopped at one and the passenger jumped out, poked at a hammock chair and got back on. At the next vendor the passenger got off, talked a bit and bought one. The ayudante tossed in into the luggage space and off we went.

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the vendor..

that made the sale..was the bus drivers cousin


I would have thought that if there was only stop. But, maybe the other one was the bus driver's uncle. :-)

expreso stops=

driver option!

Generally, expresos will stop anywhere you want to get off. Just ask the driver in advance. Stopping at a store or restroom is a quirk of the driver and is not real common. They will not stop where it is not safe to do so or where they think they will get a ticket. They will stop to pick up in very limited locations, also influenced by driver option and how full the bus is. Frinstance, expressos from Esteli to mga will usually stop at the hospital stop and the empalme to San Nicolas, but you may have to flag them down just to be sure.

Unlike many countries, the expresos do no stop at the airport. They will stop just past Hotel Las Mercedes, just ask in advance. There is no safe pull out at the airport, so they stop where they can. A design problem on the part of the airport , I would think. Going north they stop at a ramada about 2 blocks from the airport . Too bad they don't run at night to accommodate the incoming flight schedule.

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