Tax holidays in Nicaragua

When I first moved to Nicaragua there were two days each year where no VAT was required on purchases.

This was particularly helpful if one had to buy big ticket items like TVs, appliances, etc.

Does anyone remember what those days are called and when they occur?

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"do you want a receipt?"

I don't remember such days but the expression "do you want a receipt?" roughly translates to "do you want to pay VAT".

the big..i guess..the state fair..

in vat runs for about 2 weeks..i think in july


El beneficio es que la dgi les permite a los participantes comerciales no cobrar el 15% sobre las ventas (hasta un monto prededeterminado) hechas durante el período de feria.

During the fair, participants can sell IVA free up to a pre determined amount.

Note it has spread to non farm items. A friend bought a Honda 125 mountain bike and a whole load of stuff for a house he was building.