Flor De Cana Tour----Chichigalpa

Tours are now back on and we had a great time. Keep in mind the traffic from Managua to Chichigalpa can be very frustrating---as it is slow going---slow tractors, trucks, etc etc! Took just over 2 hrs to get from MGA to the factory! Was even worse on the way home, took well over 2.5 hrs!!

To make a reservation you can contact them by phone (505) 2342-9150 ext. 3868 / (505) 8966-8200 ext 3868. or through the following email: tourflordecana@serlicorera.com

I had emailed them a few times (In English) with no responses---Phone was no problem, lady spoke decent English.

$6.35 for residents, $23 for non-resident, $20 for Seniors, Kids $15, 0-3 free.

Tour is very heavy on the information---but very light on the drinking of rum!! So if ur expecting to party it up--sorry!! One only gets to taste the rum on 2 occasions. One is down in a rum where they go over the finer characteristics of the 18 yr rum---best to drink straight in a cognac glass. So a few sips there. And at the end they give you a free drink of rum and soda. In a very tiny plastic glass. Would have thought they would have at least let ya taste their various rums

Tour lasts approx 1.5 hrs long. They take you from station to station in a trolley, so even those that have difficulties walking, can do the tour.

Times are 0900, 1100, 1400 and 1600. If your there in the mornings or the 1600 tour, more likely to see a lot of action......We did the 1400 tour and it was quiet as they were between shifts. They want you to show up 20 minutes before ur tour time so everyone is organized and ready to go on time.

Factory itself is on the main drag of Chichigalpa, you can't miss it---and you enter thru the big gate that says TOURS!!.

Was a fun tour, if your interested in the history of Flor De cana you will enjoy it. If your going thinking your going to be tasting a lot of rum, you will be disappointed. No special prices at the Flor De Cana gift shop. One can find the exact same items in the Gift shop by Galerais mall.

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thanks for sharing...can't wait to go!

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thanx for the info

just saw a TV documentary on Bacardi from their origins in Cuba to their current home in PR. One more thing to try to do on the coast during the comparative cool of december-january.

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