Nicaragua belongs on this list

There is an interesting article, basically about agriculture, in Sovereign Man. While it ultimately leads to the promotion of farm land in Chile (where the site owner is doing development) he makes some very valid points.

He starts off explaining that the new world population is growing by 200,000 people per day, talks about lower productivity and how current economic games actually make this problem worse.

His solution is investing in foreign crop land and gives a list of criteria. Here is that list.

  • cheap land costs
  • low operating costs
  • highly productive soil
  • low political risk (confiscation, regulation, market interference)
  • foreigner-friendly ownership rules
  • clear water rights
  • climatic stability

While he is promoting Chile and Georgia, it would seem Nicaragua belongs on that list.

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Lots Of Usanos

farming in Brazil too, soybeans and potatoes, highly mechanized.

I think Cuba would be a great opportunity for some items, but once it truly opens up it will get (most) everything it needs from the US and Mexico.

You would have to pick your cash crop carefully, and be resigned to the fact that just about every hurricane hits some part of the island. Maybe "Che" brand coffee grown in the Sierra Maestra? Should be a hit with NYC liberals ..