Ready For Prime Time ?

Nicaragua clearly has a big future as a retirement destination for Usanos seeking a warm and less-expensive place to retire.

Many are already here, more come regularly, but the huge swell of ex-pats, from the US AND Euro countries that Costa Rica saw a few years back has eluded Nicaragua. Many things have changed recently:

The government is stable. We have Mr Ortega for another 5 years.

Infrastructure continues to be improved. Roads are being paved, electrical service is pushing further and further into the campo.

Is this finally Nicaragua's time in the sun? Much will depend on the state of the US economy, as a lot of potential retirees hang onto their houses hoping for price improvement. But even if it doesn't happen now (due to US and European economic concerns) the pressures are too real to ignore. ObamaCare's implementation will be highly inflationary for seniors, due to the myriad taxes that will hit every sector of the economy. Most of these are poorly understood at this point, but the laundry list is long. It's not just a 10% tax on tanning salons, Virginia, and No, there is no Santa Claus. Seniors will see discretionary incomes reduced to bare minimums as everything else increases in price.

This post was prompted by a poster's concerns on TRN that a development being hyped is fraudulent.

The 6 month rule is always applicable here, but some number of people will continue to send money in response to some carefully constructed internet offering.

Found this NicaLiving post from 2008:

So, it would be easy to check progress made over the last four years on actual construction accomplished.